ANA Marketing to Women (Members Only Conference) presented by A+E Networks

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Women represent a powerful consumer force and arguably the largest market opportunity in the world. Controlling over 50% of consumer wealth in the U.S. today (projected to grow to two-thirds of U.S. consumer wealth over the next ten years), women own or influence over 80% of household spending – including 50% of purchases traditionally marketed to men! Yet studies reveal that this audience overwhelmingly feels misunderstood and misrepresented by advertisers. Join us for this complimentary ANA members-only event, presented by A+E Networks, and learn from leading marketers and thought leaders successfully connecting, engaging, and building long-term relationships with female consumers.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017
8:15am Breakfast

9:00am General Session


At some time in the night leading up to International Women’s Day on March 8, 2017, the bronze sculpture of a little girl was installed in Lower Manhattan, defiantly staring down Wall Street’s Charging Bull.  What was commissioned by State Street Global Advisors as a statement to corporate boards that gender diversity matters quickly became an overnight sensation, a symbol of female empowerment, a photo op destination for New Yorker’s, tourists, politicians, and celebrities alike, and a multi-award winner at Cannes.  Hear from Stephen Tisdalle, CMO at SSGA, and Devika Bulchandani, Managing Director at McCann New York and learn about the strategy, backstory, and creative process behind this now iconic, empowering, and at times controversial campaign.

Devika Bulchandani
President McCann New York
Stephen Tisdalle
Chief Marketing Officer State Street Global Advisors


While unconscious bias persists against women and girls in advertising and media, many of the nation’s largest marketers have taken up the call for a more accurate and authentic portrayal through alignment with the #SeeHer initiative. Georgia-Pacific has been a bold leader in this mission, replacing its iconic Brawny man with women in its advertising – and on its product packaging - as part of the brand’s #StrengthHasNoGender campaign. The campaign also highlighted the bold accomplishments of women who have broken down barriers in traditionally male-dominated professions. The results speak for themselves. In this session, Laura Knebusch, VP, Marketing at Georgia-Pacific, will discuss the company’s commitment to the positive portrayal of women and girls in advertising and share how that movement is helping the brand better connect with and empower women. You’ll also learn more about #SeeHer and how the initiative’s Gender Equality Measure (GEM) is providing brands with a feedback loop to better assess and improve their advertising through this lens. 

Laura Knebusch
VP, Marketing Activation Georgia-Pacific
Mark Tilghman
Member Activation ANA AFE #SeeHer Movement
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10:40am Networking Coffee Break


As more and more brands acknowledge the need to market more directly to women, the concept of marketing to Womanhood is a complex and rapidly changing idea.  After two years of proprietary research, A+E Networks has learned that to truly capture her heart, mind and dollars, we have to look deeper and understand the forces shaping her social identity and how she filters the world around her…a world that is also very complex and rapidly changing.  Through this study it became clear that political perspective shapes women’s receptivity to advertising more than age, race or ethnicity.  In this session, Joetta Gobell, VP, Primary Research and Strategic Insights at A+E Networks, deconstructs what defines who “she” is and how “she” responds to advertising, and dives deeper into how brands can be thinking about catering to the female audiences that feel underrepresented in media.

Joetta Gobell
VP, Primary Research and Strategic Insights A+E Networks
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12:30pm Luncheon


In February 2017, GE announced the Balance the Equation initiative to grow its workforce of women in science and engineering roles. GE believes that diversity is important not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it gives the company a competitive advantage. And a company that works to change the world should reflect the world. In this session, Lindsay Stein, Associate Global Creative Director of GE, will discuss the strategy and share the marketing campaign dedicated to putting a spotlight on gender equality and closing the skills gap in STEM.  

Lindsay Stein
Associate Global Creative Director GE Marketing
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In 2017, MOTRIN® launched a new campaign titled #WomanInProgress, seeded on the insight that over half of all women see pain as a setback.  MOTRIN® decided to make it a mission to shift the way women look at painful experiences in their lives and help empower them to reframe these moments to lead to more healthy, vibrant lives.  The journey to learn how women face physical and emotional challenges unearthed a common thread – with vulnerability and optimism, women have a desire to openly share how their struggle or adversity has actually fueled their personal progress and positively impacted their personal growth.  In this session, Jennifer Cullen, Senior Director of the Pain Franchise, and Karin Bergqvist, Senior Brand Manager of MOTRIN®, will discuss this journey and share the campaign that came from this powerful insight.

Karin Bergqvist
Senior Brand Manager, MOTRIN®, BENGAY® and Pain Innovation Johnson & Johnson
Jennifer Cullen
Commercial Leader, US Pain Business US OTC, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.
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3:00pm Conference Adjournment