Dallas Area ANA Region Meeting Hosted by American Heart Association

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Brand experience is the empathetic bond between brand and consumer. A great brand experience creates a story in which the brand user (not the brand) is the hero. The true value of a great brand experience lies in the results: greater advocacy, sales, and retention.

Brands that invest in building and continually improving how people experience and interact with them establish a critical and competitive point of differentiation. To win over the consumer, brand organizations need to rethink how they do business.

This conference will focus on how your team can move consumers from buyers to loyalists to advocates by breaking down silos between marketing, sales, product design, customer service, and ecommerce, and getting everybody focused on delivering a magical brand experience.

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8:15am Breakfast
9:00am Welcome and Introductions

Gerald Johnson
Chief Diversity Officer and Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning/Innovation
American Heart Association

Michael Palmer
Executive Vice President



The American Heart Association launched its Go Red For Women campaign in 2004 to help curb an alarming trend:  less than 30% of women knew that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women despite the fact that the number of women dying of heart disease was increasing annually.  Julie Robertson will share how over the past 10 years “Go Red For Women” has successfully recruited over 1.5 million women for the movement, while engaging over 90% to make at least one healthy behavior in their life.  This program has raised over $300 million for much-needed research and education while increasing awareness that heart disease kills more women than all forms of cancer combined by 54%.  Learn how an effectively engagement your audience can drive dramatic action and real results -  330 fewer women now die daily from heart disease – an exciting trend we plan to continue in the next decade.  

Julie Robertson

National Cause Director, Go Red For Women 



Social media has changed the way we do business, and now business is changing the way we do social media. How do you measure, monetize, and optimize social experiences in a business environment? Look no further than your closest personal relationship. Adrian Parker, head of social, mobile, and emerging media for Intuit’s Accounting Division, will discuss how the global software company is approaching digital experiences and decision-making. You will learn how ROI can come from the most important places.

Adrian Parker
Group Manager of Social, Mobile, and Emerging Media
Intuit, Inc.


Marketing is the experience you deliver to your customers with each and every interaction. The more compelling the experience, the faster and stronger you will build brand loyalty. Companies that align the behavior and attitude of their employees with their brand promise and company values generally provide higher positive customer experiences. However more than 71 percent of the U.S. workforce is presently not engaged, according to studies, causing significant lost business opportunities. Allan Steinmetz will site case histories to demonstrate why employee engagement is mission critical, and why employees need to understand and practice facilitating positive customer brand experiences with every customer interaction.

Allan Steinmetz
CEO & Founder
Inward Consulting


Is your sales growth starting to flat-line or dwindle? Are you competing in a category that is shrinking? Are your marketing budgets under constant pressure? Is growth still demanded, but you seemingly have nowhere to turn? Sally Kennedy, CEO of Publicis, will share a story and case history of a multibillion-dollar brand that looked within and used the marketing department to galvanize the entire company to drive an increase in sales.

Sally Kennedy

12:30pm Luncheon

As companies seek to connect with their customers, they are exploring ways to create an “end-to-end experience” that begins well before a brand event starts and continues long after the lights have been turned off. Given that marketers are pressing harder to create integrated marketing programs with a strategic theme carried from start to finish and a compelling experience for each attendee, many are turning to live engagements, as they offer an “authentic message” that stems from a brand message rather than a blatant sales pitch. While marketers continually look for new ways to enhance their brand experiences (e.g., mobile apps, tablets, social media and other digital tools), traditional trade shows, events, and conferences retain a prominent place in marketing budgets in 2013. Debra Goodlet of Global Experience Specialists will provide a rundown of what’s happening with live experiences, and why they should continually be considered when exploring brand experiential marketing options.

Debra Goodlett
Vice President Business Development


What did we learn today, and how can we apply any of the learning to our business situations? Often we attend conferences and presentations, but then return to what we’ve done before. This session is designed to help conference participants take home two, three, or four nuggets that will help change the way they think about their own programs, the executions they are planning, or future programs. With the day’s speakers providing thought-provoking insight, the group will outline key learnings and valuable takeaways from the day. Participants will leave with a clear picture of what they can quickly implement that will make a difference in the way they drive their own brand experiences.

2:45pm Adjournment