Reskilling the Organization

This event is over.

This Reskilling the Organization committee brings together those who are driving marketing excellence across and building marketing capabilities for their respective organizations. In this forum, we discuss the approach that organizations take to reskilling and upskilling the marketing organization. Typical attendees include heads of marketing capabilities and marketing excellence, heads of HR, and L&D experts.
Learning (and un-learning) the Secret Formula for Growth: Capability Development (11:30-12:30pm)
It’s not really a secret that to grow the business, you have to start with growing the people. Through a formula that includes defining what it means to be a great marketer, powered by the network advantage and supported by analytics, Coca-Cola has implemented a new capability building plan for marketing. Sara Denney, Sr. Director of Global Growth Capabilities will share how this beverage leader is learning and un-learning on the journey for growth.
Speaker: Sara Denney, Senior Director, Global Growth Capabilities, Coca-Cola

Committing to capabilities: Writing Ethics-Driven Principles for Marketing & Content Strategy (1-2pm)
A set of clear principles can not only serve as a strong written commitment to your brand's values, but also function as a concrete set of guidelines for marketers – as well as the product and business teams you support. In this session, we will discuss how and why Google has written its AI Principles, and how they can be applied to marketing capabilities, with specific examples. We will also spend time workshopping your own set of capability-focused principles together.

Speaker: Reena Jana, Head of Product and Content Inclusion Strategy, Google

Workshop: The Attributes of the Modern Marketer Today and Tomorrow (2-4pm)
This workshop will focus on what are the newer skills we need today and tomorrow to drive growth for our organizations. Key questions will be discussed such as:

• What are those skills for today?
• What are those skills for tomorrow?
• Where do we find those skills?
• How do we develop these skills?
• How can those skills be deployed for business growth?
• How do those skills map to different career paths for an individual?