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Leading Marketing’s Measurement Agenda

Measurement is a core discipline of marketers and is deeply woven into all aspects of today's marketing agenda. Measurement is the key to gaining crucial business insights, carrying out successful ad campaigns, making data-driven business decisions, and generating strategic growth.

Marketers can leverage the Measurement for Marketers (MFM) practice, which drives needed changes in measurement, analytics, and research. MFM helps marketers navigate a complex measurement ecosystem, while educating them on business-impacting changes and fostering a measurement and research community.

MFM's leadership helps marketers through:

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Engage with and learn from the best and brightest marketing and media measurement practitioners in the industry.

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Get the skills and resources to lead the industry and the latest information on business-impacting changes and initiatives.

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Drive bold leadership visions and innovative programs, including the ANA Cross-Media Measurement Initiative.

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Connect with the ANA Measurement Community

Measurement & Accountability Committee

Join a community of measurement executives, researchers, digital analysts, and consumer insight specialists to drive measurement standards and research best practices.

August 21 Measurement & Accountability
New York
Measurement Webinars

Hear from ANA partners and industry experts on timely, relevant, and innovative topics in the measurement and research landscape in live sessions also available for playback on demand.

July 25 The State of Gen Z and the Future of Advertising
30 Minutes

Leverage the ANA's Measurement Insights

The ANA's MFM practice is committed to conducting research in the evolving media measurement space. Through groundbreaking new studies and advanced research, MFM seeks to further innovation that propels the industry forward.

Industry Research

Knowledge Partners

What Do Retailers Need to Do to Make the Most of First-Party Data?

1 week ago

This report from Intent HQ leverages insights from some of the industry’s top experts on how to build a clear roadmap for first-party data success.

ASK Answers

Marketing in a Cookie-Less World

1 month ago

What strategies are developing for marketers to deal with the cookie’s eventual demise?

Knowledge Partners

The Ultimate Marketer’s Guide to SKAdNetwork (SKAN)

4 months ago

This guide from Kochava offers novices and experts alike a comprehensive guide to Apple’s privacy-enhancing SKAN technology.

ASK Answers

Privacy, Data, and Consent: Consumer Attitudes

5 months ago

How do consumers feel about how their personal data is managed online?

Industry Perspectives

In-House Excellence Awards

Land O’Lakes Recruits Employees for “The Office” Inspired Training Videos

1 month ago

Land O’Lakes enlisted the help of its own employees to create a “The Office” inspired series of humorous internal cybersecurity training videos.

Event Recaps

Best Practices of AI Governance

1 month ago

Krista Sande-Kerback offered platform-agnostic solutions to tame the AI beast.

Event Recaps

Three Developments in Martech and Their Impact on Marketers

1 month ago

During a session at the ANA’s 2024 Marketing Technology for Marketers Conference, Eddie Drake, industry principal at Snowflake, described the impact and benefit of three developments that are reshaping marketing, as well as the action steps that those developments demand from marketers.

Event Recaps

Data Privacy Laws and Their Implications for Nonprofits

2 months ago

During a session held at the ANA’s May 2024 Nonprofit Growth Summit, the audience received an update on the implications of current and future data privacy legislation for nonprofits from a panel of experts in the fields of law, technology, data management, and nonprofit advocacy.

ANA Cross-Media Measurement Initiative

Delivering a complete and transparent view of ad exposure across all media.

New market developments and a highly fragmented media landscape have challenged traditional measurement approaches and created significant knowledge gaps for marketers. One of the biggest challenges facing marketers is the inability to assess how many people their ad campaigns reached and how often across all media.

The ANA Cross-Media Measurement Initiative is focused on creating a transparent, privacy-compliant measurement solution using a first-party data-based approach. Led by marketers, this industry-wide initiative unites stakeholders spanning the entire advertising ecosystem, including digital platforms, media companies, the VAB, 4A's, and their corresponding members. Strategic partners also include the MRC, serving as a key advisor, and industry vendors, operating as executing parties. See the full list of project partners (PDF) and join us today.

Data, Tech, and Measurement Partners

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