Marketing Solutions Provider Membership Benefits

Thank you in advance for your interest in learning about the ANA’s Marketing Solutions Provider (MSP) membership. In addition to our close to 900 client-side marketer (CSM) members, the ANA now counts the nearly 600 agencies, consultancies, law firms, tech firms, DSPs, and others as important and valuable members of the ANA. This combination of MSP and CSM members has led the way for the ANA to become the largest marketing and advertising trade association in the U.S.

We are proud to say that over the past several years we have continued to add to and refine the benefits MSP members receive. Today, all MSP members receive 24/7 access to our 10,000-piece content library; access to our Ask the Expert research service; admittance to over 100 live webinars annually, as well as hundreds more on demand; participation in a range of select committees; attendance at ANA 1-Day Conferences; various training programs that include regional workshops and on-demand, half-day, full-day, and multi-day training. (Additional fees may apply.) 

Below are additional details about each of our three MSP membership tiers.

platinumANA’s new 2021 Platinum level benefits allow MSP members to enjoy a wide range of complimentary benefits which are being offered to MSPs for the first time. Learn more about Platinum level benefits.


goldANA’s 2021 Gold level benefits provide MSP members with an array of enhanced benefits designed to boost professional skills, drive business growth, and encourage networking with peers and industry leaders. Learn more about Gold level benefits.


silverANA’s 2021 Silver level benefits provide MSP members with a variety of complimentary and fee-based programs and activities necessary to drive growth in this fast-paced, continually-changing industry. Learn more about Silver level benefits.


 Download our 2021 MSP Membership Benefits chart to compare and contrast
the various benefits available to our Marketing Solutions Provider members.