Onsite Half-Day Training Benefit

ANA Member companies at the client-side benefits level are offered one half day workshop per membership year*. This benefit allows you to build the marketing effectiveness, efficiency, and ROI of your marketing teams. The ANA Marketing Training & Development Center offers you a comprehensive curriculum of 33 half-day workshops that you can choose from. 

Your half-day onsite training benefit may also be applied to a full day workshop. If you would like to learn more about this option, please feel free to contact your ANA Marketing Training & Development Center Regional Manager, or email training@ana.net.

To get started with using your half-day training benefit, download our Quick Start Guide or email training@ana.net.

*The training benefit is available to ANA members whose dues are current and it may not be transferred to another company. The half-day benefit is good for a 12-month period, starting on the member company's membership renewal month and may not be carried into future membership periods.   ANA Members at the platinum and gold benefits tiers are entitled to the half-day benefit in each second year of membership.

Other Important Information about Your ANA Marketing Training & Development Center Onsite Half-Day Benefit:

  • Your half-day workshop will provide insights, best practices, frameworks, and tools for the topic area you choose. Every ANA Marketing Training & Development Center workshop incorporates case studies and exercises to ensure your team has a highly interactive session that is relevant to your team’s needs and that helps you to improve your marketing effectiveness, efficiency, and ROI. 
  • On-sight workshops are designed to meet the needs of the ANA Membership. Customization of a workshop to meet your specific needs is available for an incremental fee. Customization includes, but is not limited to the development of a new training module, research into additional company-specific case studies, the incorporation of your unique process and procedures into a workshop, etc. If customization is desired, the incremental fee will be determined when scope is discussed with your ANA Marketing Training & Development Center Regional manager and the workshop instructor.
  • Instructor travel and workshop material costs are incremental to any workshop. 
  • Questions: Please feel free to contact your ANA Marketing Training & Development Center Regional Manager, or email training@ana.net.