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ANA Committees

Connect with fellow members and advance thought leadership.

The ANA helps connect the marketing industry through more than 30 member-led committees that enable peer-to-peer knowledge exchange.

An exclusive benefit of ANA membership, these meetings provide an intimate forum for roundtable discussions of key industry issues and an opportunity to drive thought leadership.


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ANA membership includes the opportunity to join the following committees:

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Committees open to all members:
Committees open exclusively to client-side marketer members as well as Platinum and Gold-level solutions provider members:
Committees open exclusively to client-side marketer members:

"ANA Committees offer an excellent chance to network while also hearing exciting things happening across the different industries which can make us all better."

- Brad Lemons, SVP of Customer Insights Analytics for Nationwide

Our Committees in Action

By driving quantitative and qualitative research studies, industry initiatives and partnerships, and focused guidance and reports, ANA committees help tackle our industry's most pressing issues. See more examples of ANA committees in action.


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