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Regulatory Rumblings

Penned by Dan Jaffe, the ANA's group executive vice president of government relations, this blog focuses on advocacy initiatives and key legal/regulatory issues that threaten national advertisers' freedom of commercial speech.

Regulatory Rumblings

Some Answers, But Some Big Questions Remain

12 hours ago

On February 7, the California Attorney General (AG) issued revised regulations regarding how the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will be interpreted and enforced.

Regulatory Rumblings

Maryland Ad Tax Threat Continues to Grow

3 weeks ago

Today, ANA will be testifying before the Maryland Senate Committee on Budget and Taxation in strong opposition to SB 2, a highly misguided and harmful tax proposal.

Regulatory Rumblings

Ad Tax Issue Heats Up

1 month ago

After a period of relative calm in regard to state advertising taxes, there are now signs that these issues are heating up quickly as we enter the new year.


Marketing Maestros

Written by our in-house citizen journalists, this varied blog draws on insights from the client-side marketing community, examines game-changing campaigns and industry research, provides actionable takeaways from ANA events, and more.

Marketing Maestros

Why Content Marketing and Brand Empathy Are Set to Change in Big Ways

by Keith Richey, 1 day ago

Brand empathy, foldable phones and the next level of content marketing: Keith Richey of LinkedIn shares his takeaways from CES 2020.

Marketing Maestros

Streaming Media Services Setting New Table for Advertisers

by Matthew Schwartz, 6 days ago

2020 may be the year media historians peg as the time streaming media services — initially touted as ad-free — flipped to an advertising model.

Marketing Maestros

Advertising Should Be More Like Marketing, And Privacy Laws Will Accelerate This Disruption

by Tod Loofbourrow, 1 week ago

Brands have been moving toward an adtech/martech convergence for years, but a new emphasis on data privacy will both accelerate this trend in 2020 and open up meaningful opportunities for CMOs to make measurable contributions to their businesses.

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The Marketing Maestros blog currently accepts contributions from ANA community members. Submissions should focus on advice, insights, trends, and best practices for the marketing and advertising industry.

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