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Use This Tactic to Get More Out of Mobile Ads

by Lashanne Phang, 1 day ago

In the movie Moneyball, Billy Beane’s smart take on baseball analytics helped his team, the Oakland A’s, beat much richer franchises. He challenged common assumptions and tested alternative options. This approach became a field of study called sabermetrics - the empirical analysis of baseball.

Industry Insights

To Spur Change, CMOs Need More Managerial Discretion

by Matthew Schwartz, 2 days ago

CMOs cite a lack authority when their companies enter foreign markets, and they feel frustrated by the experience, according to a recent study. But chief marketers can play an instrumental role for brands that are expanding their global footprint — if senior management has the will to provide more managerial discretion.


Using Data Clean Rooms to Secure Consumer Privacy Among Marketing Partners

by Josch Chodakowsky, 2 days ago

With the (slow) erasure of the third-party tracking cookie, zero, first, and second-party consumer data has emerged as one of the main ways to collect consumer information. But with this large stock of private customer data, marketers now need a secure way to share that data with their partners, while simultaneously maintaining their users’ privacy.

Industry Insights

10 D2C Marketing Strategies to Dazzle Consumers Right Where They Are

by Jenn Choo, 3 days ago

As technology makes it easier for today’s consumers to discover new products, the prospects you’re seeking to attract are more distracted than ever before. The key to capturing their attention? Meet them where they are with enticing offers that compel them to engage with your D2C brand.

Industry Insights

3 Ways to Enter the Future of Digital Marketing & Interactivity

by Jay Kulkarni, 3 days ago

Over the past decade, we’ve seen advertising and marketing trends evolve at a frequent and fast pace. Now that tech and commerce have become inexorably intertwined, brands must be able to swiftly adapt their strategies to meet the ever-changing needs of the modern consumer.


Regulatory Rumblings

From the ANA's government relations team in Washington, D.C., this blog focuses on advocacy initiatives and key legal and regulatory issues threatening national advertisers' freedom of commercial speech.

Regulatory Rumblings

Privacy Shield 2.0 on the Horizon

1 month ago

Big news was announced recently that thousands of small, mid, and large-sized global marketing companies have been waiting nearly two years to hear – a new framework for trans-Atlantic data flows has been reached.

Regulatory Rumblings

“Justice” Jackson and Commercial Speech – Where Will She Stand?

by Chris Oswald, David Buzby, 1 month ago

Little light has been shed on what Ketanji Brown Jackson will mean for the commercial speech rights of advertisers and marketers on the U.S. Supreme Court - but her record contains a possible hint.

Regulatory Rumblings

A Billion Dollar FTC?

7 months ago

The House Energy and Commerce Committee, as part of the reconciliation process, last week proposed a massive change to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by approving the creation of a vast new FTC bureau dedicated to privacy, data security, and identity theft regulation.

Regulatory Rumblings

Targeting Proves Its Worth

8 months ago

Unfortunately, some state and federal legislators and regulators are trying to impose far broader privacy restrictions than those seen in the California privacy law. The recent experience of companies, government agencies, nonprofits and others responding to COVID-19 and the Delta variant threat provides a powerful case study on why such overly sweeping restrictions would be severely harmful and misguided.

Regulatory Rumblings

Dents In The GDPR

8 months ago

The British government took an unexpected but important step recently. U.K. Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden announced plans to scrap the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements in favor of a new data protection law that protects consumer privacy but “does so in as light touch a way as possible.”

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