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Regulatory Rumblings

Penned by Dan Jaffe, the ANA's group executive vice president of government relations, this blog focuses on advocacy initiatives and key legal/regulatory issues that threaten national advertisers' freedom of commercial speech.

Regulatory Rumblings

First CA Assembly Hearing on CCPA

1 day ago

Yesterday the California General Assembly held its first major hearing on the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Regulatory Rumblings

California Consumers Express Concerns About the California Consumer Privacy Act

2 weeks ago

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA), in partnership with other key industry leaders, are calling on California policymakers to revise the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to address unintended consequences that threaten the free flow of information critical to the infrastructure of our nation’s data-driven economy.

Regulatory Rumblings

ANA Opposes Unconstitutional Ad Tax in Washington State

3 weeks ago

ANA is filing a letter opposing Senate Bill 5659 in Washington State.


Marketing Maestros

Written by our in-house citizen journalists, this varied blog draws on insights from the client-side marketing community, examines game-changing campaigns and industry research, provides actionable takeaways from ANA events, and more.

Marketing Maestros

Brand Purpose Podcast: How Purpose Spurs Millennials, with Jeff Fromm

3 days ago

In the second episode of the ANA Brand Purpose podcast, author Jeff Fromm joins ANA's Ken Beaulieu to chat about how purpose spurs millennials to engage with brands.

Marketing Maestros

Inside Panera’s “Food as it Should Be” Campaign

by Emma Phipps, 1 week ago

In an exclusive Q&A, Chris Hollander of Panera Bread provides a look at the messaging that drives the brand.

Marketing Maestros

From the Agency Perspective: Direct-to-Consumer: A Revolutionary New Concept?

by Marsha Appel, 1 week ago

Direct-to-consumer and subscription-based brands are changing the marketing game. How can agencies better meet their needs?

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