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Starting in 2005, ANA launched its first blog and has since expanded with distinct conversations. We invite you to join...

ANA Marketing Musings

Presents the ANA's take on the major marketing news of the week. The blog, which also details new ANA initiatives, is penned by Bob Liodice, President and CEO.

ANA Regulatory Rumblings

Focuses on all federal state government, and legal initiatives that threaten national advertisers' freedom of commercial speech. The blog is penned by Dan Jaffe, the ANA's Executive Vice President, Government Relations, who also heads the trade association's Washington office.

ANA Marketing Maestros

To complement our two leadership blogs and build dialogue on the seismic changes happening in marketing, we launched Marketing Maestros. Our in-house citizen journalists will talk about everything from marketing technology to accountability and everything in between. This blog is written for marketers by ANA's marketers whose insights are drawn from the voices of the client side marketing community.

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