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Regulatory Rumblings

Penned by Dan Jaffe, the ANA's group executive vice president of government relations, this blog focuses on advocacy initiatives and key legal/regulatory issues that threaten national advertisers' freedom of commercial speech.

Regulatory Rumblings

California Attorney General Releases Draft Consumer Data Privacy Regulations

3 days ago

In a very important development, yesterday California Attorney General Xavier Becerra released draft regulations for the state’s new data privacy law, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Regulatory Rumblings

ANA Asks CA Governor to Veto AB 1202

2 weeks ago

Yesterday ANA, and several other groups, sent a letter to the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, urging him to veto AB 1202.

Regulatory Rumblings

The Time For Action Is NOW

1 month ago

Today CalMatters published an op-ed by me urging the California Legislature to make changes to the CCPA that are greatly needed.


Marketing Maestros

Written by our in-house citizen journalists, this varied blog draws on insights from the client-side marketing community, examines game-changing campaigns and industry research, provides actionable takeaways from ANA events, and more.

Marketing Maestros

Connected By Pride: A Q&A With Ricardo Aspiazu

by Denise McDevitt, 6 days ago

To honor Pride Month last year, Verizon released an ad showing LGBTQ+ youth calling their families and loved ones to come out to them. The ANA’s Denise McDevitt spoke with Ricardo Aspiazu, director of marketing communications at Verizon, about the spot.

Marketing Maestros

Top Contributors to the Breakdown of Trust in the Ad Ecosystem

by Bill Duggan, 1 week ago

Earlier this year the ANA launched the Trust Consortium in partnership with outside counsel, Reed Smith LLC, to help address the issue of trust between marketers and the advertising ecosystem. The Trust Consortium consists of subject matter experts committed to working together to keep trust on the front burner, emphasizing transparency, integrity, and growth for the overall health and well-being of the industry.

Marketing Maestros

Shopping Behaviors: Did They Really Change?

by Jean Marc Rejaud, 1 week ago

Even with a changing shopping landscape, the core of shopper behavior has stayed the same. By integrating the five stages of the customer journey, a shopper marketer will better plan what touchpoints for what purpose and in what sequence but also will be able to better integrate with brand campaigns by aligning brand and shopper communications with the requirements of each stage.

How to Contribute

The Marketing Maestros blog currently accepts contributions from ANA community members. Submissions should focus on advice, insights, trends, and best practices for the marketing and advertising industry.

Please email all posts (250-800 words) in a Word doc attachment. Please make sure to include a headline and a byline.