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The Bot Baseline: Fraud in Digital Advertising

Bots are everywhere, but not in equal numbers. To view the joint ANA/White Ops study and other details, go here.

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ANA/4A's Collaboration to Improve the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Project Reviews

Based on the trend toward more project reviews and the perspective that more streamlined and efficient project review processes are in the best interests of both marketers and agencies, the development of project review process guidance is an important industry opportunity for 2015. In this session, members of the 4A's discussed this opportunity with the ANA Agency Relations Committee.

Boston Scientific Corporation

In this session, attendees learned how Boston Scientific Corporation transformed their brand through the right leadership, investments and brand focus.

EU, Privacy, and the Right to Be Forgotten

This discussion, facilitated by members of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA) provided an overview of EU directives and regulations and national stipulations on privacy.

Snapchat: Temporary Content is King

Attendees heard from Todd Sokolove, VP of Marketing – Sonar Entertainment, for an overview of Snapchat, how brands are utilizing its technology, and whether it's a good fit for your brand.

The Best Tool to Improve Your Agency Relationships Is One You Never Thought Of

Bob Siegal, Advisory Director – KPMG LLP shared case studies demonstrating the value of this methodology as well as his insight brief outlining the steps to successfully utilize this new approach.

Why Should You Care About Ad Fraud?

This presentation from White Ops' Co-Founder and General Counsel Ash Kalb answered: who is responsible for protecting your company against cybersecurity attacks, who are the criminals, why are they targeting digital stakeholders, how can we protect ourselves from these attacks, and who will be an effective cybersecurity leader?

Has Performance-Based Agency Compensation Failed?

In this session, Sarah Sikowitz, Principal Analyst – Forrester Research, Inc., explored the results of their latest research on agency compensation.

Innovation: What Should Brands be Doing?

In this webinar, attendees learned ways that brands can maximize the full potential of technology and innovation through a variety of partnerships with startups.

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