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Certified ANA Marketing Professional Program

Ensuring you and your team meet the ANA standard for today’s multi-faceted marketer.

The Certified ANA Marketing Professional (CAMP) program is a rigorous, 35-hour online certification program developed specifically with the ANA marketer in mind. Covering the entire marketing process — from brand strategy and brand activation to marketing implementation across digital and analytic applications — CAMP represents the full spectrum of marketing activities every marketer should be familiar with.


Why get certified?


Ensure You (and Your Marketing Teams) Have the "Right Stuff"

While you may know how to perform your day-to-day job, having a full understanding of the entire marketing ecosystem is key to sustained career success. Certification is also essential for teams struggling to see how daily marketing functions fit into the big picture, and helps ensure all team members operate from the same baseline.


Show Yourself as a Serious Professional Competitor

Whether your eye is set on your next promotion or your next company, a professional certification from the world's largest marketing association will give you an edge over your competition. It's credible proof to your employer that you value your work and are willing to learn new approaches to advance your skill set.


To Drive Growth — For You, Your Company, Our Industry

As a marketer, you already know the importance of driving growth. The Certified ANA Marketing Professional program ensures you have the right foundation to drive your own professional growth, which in turn leads to growth for your organization and our industry.


Who is this program for?


CAMP is a 100 percent online and on-demand certification accessible anytime, anywhere, for anyone. It's ideal for junior- to mid-level marketers who want a complete comprehension of the entire marketing process and/or their role in the overall marketing lifecycle, and can be used for orienting new marketers and level-setting your teams.

To earn your certification:




Complete the 35-hour on-demand program.




Complete and pass the certification assessment.




Complete the program survey.


Once you have completed all three steps toward certification, you are CAMP-certified for one full year. For subsequent years, CAMP certification holders have multiple pathways toward recertification. Please review the renewal process page for more details.

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