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Embracing the New Reality by Focusing on the Familiar

by Christopher Hosford, 6 days ago

The pandemic has put pressure on B2B marketers to craft a better customer experience and build more multichannel programming. Experts suggest that the right place to start is with existing customers.

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What’s in Store for Marketers Once Cookies Bite the Dust?

by Chuck Kapelke, 1 week ago

The demise of third-party cookies provides marketers with an opportunity to be more transparent with consumers and recalibrate their methods of measurement.

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Showing the Love for Small Businesses

by Matthew Schwartz, 2 weeks ago

Mailchimp's latest ad campaign draws on classic animation to help its small business customers build big ideas. Michael Mitchell, director of brand marketing at Mailchimp, calls the campaign a "love letter" to entrepreneurs making their way through the pandemic.

B2B Marketer

Can a Pivot to Digital Bring Sales and Marketing into Better Alignment?

by Marie Griffin, 2 weeks ago

B2B marketers have made little progress in tackling some chronic problems (read: sales-and-marketing alignment) and cultivating digital revenue streams. Could the increase in digital adoption caused by the pandemic help clear some of the logjams and spur an online-first strategy once and for all?


URL to IRL (In Real Life)

by Christopher Karpenko, 4 weeks ago

Attribution models are often used to gauge the potency of digital marketing campaigns and refine channel strategies, but these don’t always take customers’ real-world actions and behaviors into account. Without a view into customers’ offline activities, it’s nearly impossible to tell what’s working and what’s not. However, there are several ways to accurately measure what happens offline.

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The Next Opportunity in Ad Space?

by Michael Bürgi, 1 month ago

As space travel revitalizes, NASA wants help from commercial enterprises to support various missions. The move opens up new venues for companies and organizations eager to distinguish their brand on a cosmic scale.


Diversifying with Direct Mail

by Christopher Karpenko, 1 month ago

While some channels perform well across the customer journey, others see drop-offs at various stages. Putting more resources into the same channel probably won’t improve results. Instead, marketers should rely on direct mail to support other channels when they need a boost.

B2B Marketer

Despite Cutbacks, CMOs Remain More Optimistic than CEOs

by Ryan Dinger, 1 month ago

B2B CMOs are much more hopeful about the post-COVID economy than their CEOs, says a recent survey. Cockeyed optimism? More like a sense that the pandemic presents marketers with an opportunity to demonstrate their value to the C-suite and drive better business results.


How Pfizer Is Managing Its Global Agency Roster

by Diane Gibbons, Robin Seasock, 1 month ago

While institutional knowledge is an important element to understanding the agency landscape, that knowledge doesn’t always get into the right hands at the time when sourcing decisions are being made — but what if it could? Here’s how Pfizer’s procurement team is creating a central repository of global agency information for its teammates around the world.

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Gaming the System

by Maureen McLaughlin, 1 month ago

As consumers stay home during the pandemic, they are spending more time than ever with screens and video games. The trend, which has sent many brands scrambling for innovative ways to reach their audiences beyond traditional methods of digital marketing, is expected to continue post-pandemic. Here’s how Hellmann’s mayonnaise and Rock the Vote, among others, are engaging consumers in the virtual space.