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Brands for Humans Is a Movement with Purpose

by Chris Warren, 2 days ago

Brands for humans (B4H), or the humanization of brand persona, is starting to circulate throughout the marketing field. However companies choose to operationalize B4H, there’s a growing onus on marketers to provide clarity to the public about a corporation’s values and beliefs and how it is meaningfully acting on those convictions.


Shifting the Conversation from Advertising to Marketing

by Tammy Ammon, 3 days ago

To be sure, technology and online regulation are top of mind for brands and organizations. But they shouldn’t overshadow the needs of people. That means marketers must get to know their audiences — and not just on an insert-first-name-here basis, but in ways that will legitimately help to inform how brands create memorable customer experiences.

B2B Marketer

B2B Marketers Face a Crossroads

by Kate Maddox, 4 days ago

B2B marketers have been investing more heavily in brand advertising in the past few years, realizing that they need to espouse what they stand for beyond offering competitive prices. At the same time, the pandemic has caused B2B companies to reevaluate their marketing priorities as the top and bottom lines take on new urgency.


Driving Growth By Evolving the Customer Experience

by Nevine El-Warraky, 5 days ago

If brands want to ignite growth in a post-pandemic environment, they must reimagine the way they deliver experiences — and that means weaving experience through every part of their organization.

Greater Good

Ear Community Encourages Listening for Change

by Matthew Schwartz, 6 days ago

Ear Community supports individuals born with Microtia (missing or underdeveloped ears) and Atresia (absent or underdeveloped ear canals resulting in hearing loss). Driven by a dynamic mother-and-daughter duo, the nonprofit is now on the cusp of achieving one of its main goals: mandating insurance coverage for people in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities.

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Should Brands Join the Clubhouse?

by Michael J. McDermott, 1 week ago

Clubhouse, the invitation-only audio-chat app that launched last year, is attracting a growing number of consumer brands. But will the app end up being a creature of the pandemic and lose its appeal as things start to loosen up and people get back into circulation?


Will This Decade Be the New Roaring ’20s?

by Melanie Hamilton, 1 week ago

The 1920s became known as the Roaring ’20s. And if 2020 was a taste of things to come, the current decade seems likely to be at least as fraught as its centennial predecessor. How should advertisers and marketers prepare, act, and react?

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How USAA Shot Its New Ad Campaign Remotely

by Christopher Hosford, 1 week ago

When the pandemic disrupted its ad production, USAA turned to an innovative idea — letting the onscreen talent shoot the entire thing with no director, technician, or crew members on site.

ANA Magazine

Leaving Normal Behind

by Matthew Schwartz, 2 weeks ago

A recent study provides brand managers with a window into how the pandemic has altered consumer behavior, as people take stock of their lives and recalibrate what’s truly important to them. With nearly 40 million Americans on the move and major changes in the workplace due to the crisis, marketers will have to recalculate their communications strategies and avoid “Before Times” thinking.

B2B Marketer

Adopting a Disruptive Mentality to Win the B2B Data Game

by Christopher Hosford, 2 weeks ago

Major B2B brands bring several advantages to the market compared to smaller businesses and startups, including brand recognition, significant resources, and longtime relationships with customers and suppliers. But when it comes to leveraging their own data for opportunistic growth — not just incremental performance gains — B2B marketers lag behind their entrepreneurial competitors and could be ceding precious market share.