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Media Spending in an Uncertain Environment

by Michael J. McDermott, 1 day ago

The pandemic will require marketers to master a new set of media buying skills, adopt KPIs that transcend return-on-advertising spending, and move e-commerce toward the center of their marketing strategy.


Delivering Experiences Consumers Will Love

by Dan Buckstaff, 4 days ago

What can a brand do to differentiate itself and deliver exceptional customer experiences? It starts with connecting data and getting it into an actionable state. Here are four capabilities marketing organizations need to develop insights and take action.

ANA Magazine

Facebook Looks to Be a Better Friend to Brands

by Urey Onuoha, 1 week ago

To both keep advertisers in the fold and attract new ones, Facebook has rolled out new tools to bolster brand safety and make it easier for brands to reach their intended audiences.

B2B Marketer

The Pandemic Is Redefining the Customer Experience

by Christopher Hosford, 1 week ago

In a post-COVID world, digital interactions with customers and prospects will rise dramatically, and e-commerce transactions for expensive B2B purchases — long the domain of in-person sales — will become much more common.

ANA Magazine

What Brands Mean by Brand Purpose

by David Ward, 2 weeks ago

A crisis may not be the best time for companies to stress test their brand purpose. However, the past few months have forced companies to reexamine why their brand exists, or perhaps more important, what’s needed to better articulate their purpose.

ANA Magazine

Harnessing the Power of the Loyalty Economy

by Matt Silverman, 3 weeks ago

As the internet has matured from a novelty to a mainstream source for news and entertainment, digital content creators have carved out massive audiences who are enormously loyal. Many fans consider this content essential to their lives, and they are willing to support the brands that make it possible.

B2B Marketer

Preparing for the Next Normal

by Karen J. Bannan, 3 weeks ago

The ongoing and dramatic changes in the workplace offer B2B marketers new opportunities to jump-start their digital communications, both internally and externally.


Advertising In the Time of COVID-19

by Elaine Chen, 3 weeks ago

As time goes on and consumers get conditioned to a “new normal,” they will likely become increasingly open to hearing promotional messages from brands and organizations. They may also welcome some light-hearted advertising, as a break from a stressful environment.

ANA Magazine

A New Norm for Ad Shoots?

by Chuck Kapelke, 1 month ago

Brands are cutting back on producing commercials as marketing budgets are curtailed and social distancing measures remain in place. The good news is that scaling back on ad shoots can have broader benefits.


Balancing Linear TV and OTT Advertising in a Topsy-Turvy Market

by Matt Collins, 1 month ago

The coronavirus pandemic has clouded the future of programming, making it difficult for marketers to find strategies that inspire confidence. But there is good news. With a surge in video viewing, lower ad prices, and improvements in targeting and measurement, taking a data-driven approach to linear TV can grant marketers the flexibility, targeting precision, and accountability they need at precisely this moment.