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As Offices Start to Reopen, Going Hybrid May Not Be Enough

by Marie Griffin, 15 hours ago

As full-time employees return to the office, they’re bringing with them new demands that go well beyond asking for a “hybrid” schedule; CMOs and marketing departments will need to adapt or risk increasing turnover. In fact, people are leaving their jobs in growing numbers, with the quit rate at an all-time high.


Why CMOs Are Going All-In on Marketing Operations

by Mirko Holzer, 3 days ago

As complex market conditions and sudden disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic put pressure on marketers to respond to new realities at a moment’s notice, it’s putting marketing operations at the forefront as the key to agility, collaboration, and customer focus.

ANA Magazine

Marketers Bulk Up Their Content Marketing Efforts

by Chris Warren, 1 week ago

As people return to a post-pandemic life, marketers are going to need to reevaluate their content marketing strategy if they want to stay viable and keep their audiences engaged. Producing content that brings meaning to people’s lives is shaping up to be the biggest challenge, along with devising new measurement tools.

B2B Marketer

Scoring the Right Mix Between the Art and the Science

by Claretta Bellamy, 1 week ago

Amid a growing reliance on data, taking a gut check still holds a good deal of value for B2B marketers readying a new advertising or marketing campaign. It’s not a zero-sum game, of course. But as they get better at scrubbing their data and making sure it’s up to date, marketers will have an easier time striking an amicable balance between the data and human intuition.


How Marketers Sharpen Their Personalization Playbook

by Sunil Menon, 1 week ago

Adding personalization to marketing and advertising programs seems pretty straightforward (at least on paper). However, to generate the most value out of personalization, brands need to establish a framework that empowers teams across the enterprise, while maintaining governance regarding the company’s business processes.

Greater Good

Purpose Drives Land Rover Awards Program

by Matthew Schwartz, 1 week ago

Land Rover’s Defender Above and Beyond Service Awards were created to honor the return of the Defender model to the U.S. market and its long history of service to help those in need. But the program also serves as a marketing hub to assist nonprofit organizations and help them show the positive impact they have at the local level.

ANA Magazine

Striking a Positive Tone

by Chuck Kapelke, 2 weeks ago

Marketers are adapting their messaging as the U.S. starts to emerge from a tragic period. But without a single ecstatic moment to mark the pandemic’s end, brands will have to continue to recalibrate their strategies and update their ad creative on a fairly constant basis.

ANA Magazine

Livestream Shopping Takes Center Screen

by Dominick Fils-Aimé, 2 weeks ago

A marriage of entertainment and e-commerce, livestream shopping is engaging and fast-gaining in popularity. ANA magazine reached out to Ali Fazal, VP of marketing at influencer marketing platform GRIN, to learn more about how brands can get in on the trend.

Greater Good

Destigmatizing Mental Health and Addiction

by Joanna Valente, 2 weeks ago

To help improve the lives of those struggling with addiction and mental health disorders, the nonprofit Helio Health, in partnership with the agency Mower, created the “TransformNation” campaign. It aims to change people’s mindset from helplessness to one of hope, drive action, and promote the message of community and connection.

ANA Magazine

Web Analytics Switch Tracks

by Michael J. McDermott, 3 weeks ago

Recalibrating how their audiences consume information is just one of the key challenges facing marketers on the analytics front post-pandemic. The death of cookies and the rise of online privacy concerns will also spur brands and organizations to bring new strategies to bear when it comes to data management. First-party data awaits.