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Taking a Bite out of Super Bowl Advertising

by John Obrecht, 4 days ago

With 68 percent of U.S. homes owning pets, viewers of the Puppy Bowl and other animal-related programming are highly engaged, and often extend the conversation via their social channels.


The Attraction of Cultural Magnetism

by Michael Sussman, Amy Winger, 5 days ago

Being relevant only gets a brand into the consideration set and means competing on price with competitors. But brands with a cultural magnetism create their own gravity beyond the functional dynamics of their category, resulting in a far deeper customer advocacy. Here’s how brands like New Balance, Delta Airlines, Michelob ULTRA, and Wendy’s use brand magnetism to build lasting connections with their customers.


Solving Content Marketing Challenges by Putting Customers Front and Center

by Peter Kolster, 1 week ago

With brands looking to achieve higher degrees of personalization while running multiple personalized campaigns in multiple markets, they won’t be able to keep up with the volume unless they have the right approach to content production.

ANA Magazine

Marketers Embark on the Post-Optimization Era

by Chuck Kapelke, 1 week ago

Marketers’ overreliance on data has come at the expense of cultivating long-term planning and making emotional connections with consumers. Beware the perils of programmatic advertising.

B2B Marketer

B2B Brands Continue Steep Climb Up Content Marketing Hill

by John Obrecht, 1 week ago

Part of the problem? B2B brands are looking for a quick fix. But companies need up to a year to properly build a content marketing audience.

ANA Magazine

California’s Data Privacy Law Stirs Uncertainty for Marketers

by Michael J. McDermott, 2 weeks ago

California’s data privacy law is a sea change for brands, enabling consumers to opt out of data sales and compelling marketers to track down any party to whom it has sold that consumer’s data during the preceding 90 days.

ANA Magazine

Brands Need to Bridge Expanding Gaps in Customer Experience

by Chris Warren, 3 weeks ago

By failing to measure their customer experience efforts, marketers are giving themselves a false sense of their CX prowess.

B2B Marketer

Four Things B2B Marketers Should Do to Prep for 2020

by Ryan Dinger, 4 weeks ago

The new year is fast approaching, but 2019 isn’t over just yet. In this presentation, we’ll cover some of the ways business marketers can make the most of the remaining days this year, positioning themselves to reach new levels of success in the new year.

ANA Magazine

The Best Quotes from the 2019 ANA Masters of Marketing Week

by Ryan Dinger, 1 month ago

With a record-breaking number of attendees and one of the best speaker lineups in recent memory, the 2019 ANA Masters of Marketing Week was a fountain of valuable insights for attendees. These were our 10 favorite quotes from speakers during the event.


Teen Girls: Emerging into Their Own Today to Blaze the Future Tomorrow

by Mukta Chowdhary, Amelia Rance, 1 month ago

Brands can be a proponent of self-worth and confidence by partnering with influencers who encourage teen girls to lean into their power.