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Hotels and Resorts Check Out New Ways to Appeal to Consumers

by Anne Field, 1 day ago

The hospitality sector is finding unique ways to overcome the ongoing adversity caused by the pandemic. With most Americans keen to travel to places within driving distance, boutique brands are plugging destinations that are easily accessible by car. The major hotel chains, suffering even severer losses, are catering to existing customers and touting loyalty programs.


Why Addressable TV and CTV Need to Coexist in a Cross-Screen World

by Elsa Blumberg, Charlotte Lipman, 2 days ago

The convergence of traditional television and digital video presents unique opportunities for marketers but also adds a layer of complexity. The goal for advertisers is to get away from siloed approaches when it comes to media selection, as the current landscape enables companies to reach audiences whenever and wherever they may be consuming content.

The Nonprofit Journal

A Legacy of Leadership

by Alicia Osgood, 3 days ago

Five questions for Yael Eckstein, president and CEO of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship), 2021 Nonprofit Organization of the Year.

The Nonprofit Journal

For Love of Fundraising

by Anne Field, 3 days ago

This year, three giants of nonprofit fundraising — and past winners of the Max Hart Nonprofit Achievement Award — retired. Larry May (2007 winner), Kelly B. Browning (2008), and Susan Loth (2017), who exemplified the professionalism, leadership, and innovation throughout their careers, share insights on their remarkable journeys and offer some advice to the next generation of nonprofit leaders.

The Nonprofit Journal

How to Win Back Lapsed Donors

by Chris Warren, 3 days ago

From communicating more frequently to using marketing tactics that inform and connect to getting back to basics, it takes an all-out effort to prevent valuable donors from lapsing.

The Nonprofit Journal

On the Front Lines of Change

by Michael J. McDermott, 3 days ago

Philanthropy plays a key role in the fight for gender equality and bringing an end to structural racism. But more than ever, with challenges at every corner of society, these organizations are taking broader actions to step up their game.

The Nonprofit Journal

Stepping Up

by Chuck Kapelke, 3 days ago

The COVID-19 pandemic has given nonprofits an opportunity to think creatively about how they can engage donors. Fundraisers share the challenges they faced, the strategies used to overcome them, and the lessons they learned.


Agency Management As a Risk-Management Advantage

by Ed McFadden, 4 days ago

When brands implement agency-management initiatives, there are usually two drivers or goals. One is to rationalize and optimize agency relationships for more effective marketing programs, another is to achieve cost efficiencies in the form of savings or spend optimization. But such initiatives can help companies address and mitigate business risk as well.

Greater Good

A Recipe for Employment

by Anne Field, 5 days ago

Determined to put the company's unique hiring model on the map and increase job opportunities for people facing employment barriers, Greyston Bakery CEO Joseph Kenner is breaking down barriers and driving change.

ANA Magazine

Is Your Brand Loved?

by Claretta Bellamy, 1 week ago

Knowing what consumers love is all well and good. But marketers also need a sixth sense for what makes their audiences tick — particularly during stressful and uncertain times — if they want to generate love in return.