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Oversaturated Visual World Sparks Demand for Audio Advertising

by Justin Merickel, 1 day ago

Brand managers need to take a much closer look at the growing popularity of digital audio, such as streaming music and on-demand podcasts, and the opportunity they offer for their company’s cross-channel advertising strategy.

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Quick Bits for the Week of June 17, 2019

by Emma Phipps, 2 days ago

What marketers need to know this week: Viacom launches a BET streaming service, social commerce picks up steam, and more.

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How to Manage Brand Reputation

by Chuck Kapelke, 5 days ago

Highly trusted companies, or those with a great reputation, have a 5 percent profit advantage over companies that are not trusted, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer. Marketers and industry experts explain how to manage brand reputation to gain or maintain a competitive advantage.


The Pioneering CMO

by Glen Hartman, 6 days ago

Pioneering CMOs are using new approaches to marketing that put the customer at the forefront and are achieving business results that demand the C-suite take note. Here, according to research by Accenture Interactive, is how they’re doing it.

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Brand Affinity and the Need for an Outside Perspective

by David Ward, 1 week ago

Understanding what consumers think of your brand is critical, but it’s not always an easy thing to determine — or understand. Here’s how marketing experts at Hershey, USPS, and Huge, among others, measure consumer brand affinity.


Acting On Principles

by John Nardone, 1 week ago

The World Federation of Advertiser’s Global Media Charter lays out eight “principles for partnership in the digital media advertising ecosystem.” To effect real change, marketers would be wise to prioritize the WFA’s list based on the issues that require an industrywide approach.

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Quick Bits for the Week of June 10, 2019

by Emma Phipps, 1 week ago

What marketers need to know this week: Apple introduces new data security features, Sephora shuts down for inclusivity training, and more.

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Merging Traffic, Managing Lanes

by David Ward, 1 week ago

Multichannel attribution marketing — identifying each consumer touchpoint across both online and offline channels on the path to purchase — is a relatively recent phenomenon and many brands are trying to figure out how to make the best use of it.


Thinking Outside the Cookie Jar

by Scott Howe, 1 week ago

Online consumer behavior is growing increasingly complex, and the humble cookie is no longer an adequate tool for tracking online movement. Marketers need a more sophisticated solution that collects disparate user actions into a unified portrait of the consumers’ time online.

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Why CPG Brands Are Getting Personal

by Ben Lincoln, 2 weeks ago

To be sure, customizing CPG products is in the nascent stage. However, considering the pace of change in the marketplace — and consumers’ growing penchant for personalized items — brands ignore the trend at their own peril.