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A New Norm for Ad Shoots?

by Chuck Kapelke, 1 day ago

Brands are cutting back on producing commercials as marketing budgets are curtailed and social distancing measures remain in place. The good news is that scaling back on ad shoots can have broader benefits.


Balancing Linear TV and OTT Advertising in a Topsy-Turvy Market

by Matt Collins, 2 days ago

The coronavirus pandemic has clouded the future of programming, making it difficult for marketers to find strategies that inspire confidence. But there is good news. With a surge in video viewing, lower ad prices, and improvements in targeting and measurement, taking a data-driven approach to linear TV can grant marketers the flexibility, targeting precision, and accountability they need at precisely this moment.

Greater Good

Brands Doing Good Series: Seventh Generation

by Anne Field, 3 days ago

Over the past several decades, Seventh Generation has grown from a fledgling pioneer of eco-conscious home-cleaning products to a significant player in the market. At the same time, the Unilever brand takes highly vocal and visible stands on such issues as climate change and chemical ingredient disclosure.

ANA Magazine

Plant-Based Brands Turn a New Marketing Leaf

by David Ward, 1 week ago

Plant-based food products continue to expand, along with a marketing strategy that goes beyond a green or environmentally correct message and focuses on what consumers crave: taste. Big brands like IKEA and Disney join the fray.


The New Formula Fueling Modern Marketing

by Christopher Jablonski, 2 weeks ago

Blending empathy and intelligence with a strong dose of creativity is the most effective way for brand marketers to deliver consumer-centered experiences that drive purpose, affinity, and revenue.

B2B Marketer

No More Digital Dilly-Dallying

by Marie Griffin, 2 weeks ago

With most every brand having to recalibrate its digital capabilities, CMOs have a new opportunity to help shape their company’s future — and increase the overall value of marketing.


Four Steps to Building an Identity-Based Marketing Strategy

by Kyle Hollaway, Tracy YoungLincoln, 2 weeks ago

The only way to future-proof against the evolving adtech-martech ecosystem is to design a marketing strategy with an identity-based approach at its center. But that’s no easy task. Doing so successfully requires four critical building blocks.

ANA Magazine

Organizing for Success

by Chuck Kapelke, 2 weeks ago

To nurture talent at every level brands need to apply an agile marketing model that holds people accountable for their work and encourages them to step out of their comfort zone.


Three Ways for Marketers to Extract More Value from Video Content

by Melinda McLaughlin, 3 weeks ago

To bolster and exceed their ROI goals, marketers need systems and processes to enable their teams and partners to leverage video assets without any friction or slowdowns.

B2B Marketer

The Trade Show Must Go On

by Michele Meyer, 3 weeks ago

The implosion of live B2B events and the accelerating shift to a virtual model will require marketers to be both fast and nimble when crafting their online conferences.