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Slowly, Brands Are Improving Their Digital Accessibility

by Matthew Schwartz, 2 days ago

There are deaf people who like to use sign language while others prefer using their voice. There are people hard of hearing who culturally identify as Deaf and those who do not. As brands add more assistive tools to their advertising and marketing campaigns, marketers and organizations need to keep such nuances top of mind.


Radio Dials Up the Audio Experience Post-Pandemic

by Tammy Greenberg, 3 days ago

As COVID restrictions began lifting late last year and consumers started to circulate again, radio harnessed what makes it such a special medium for consumers, with a renewed focus on creating immersive experiences built on trust.


Technology Unleashes Creativity for Brands

by Katie Nykanen, 5 days ago

For technology to add real value for creative teams, it must meet the growing complexity of building, managing, and distributing marketing assets. It also needs to improve the entire creative flow — not just introduce more tools, additional processes, and unwelcome tasks.

Greater Good

Fighting Poverty Sustainably

by Anne Field, 6 days ago

The mission of the outdoor company Cotopaxi is to combine eco-friendly products with fair labor practices and poverty alleviation. It’s infused throughout the operation, in everything from how the company sources material for its colorful fluorescent backpacks, sweaters, jackets, and other gear to its product-design process.

ANA Magazine

Flurry of Account Reviews Reflect Major Changes for Agency-Client Relations

by John Wolfe, 1 week ago

Marketers and agencies are struggling with how to tackle the issues that have taken on newfound urgency in the past 18 months, ranging from spurring diversity to protecting consumer privacy to cultivating talent. The various challenges are perhaps most vividly represented by the striking number of agency reviews, consolidations, and overall account changes in the past few months.


Advertisers Must Get on the Right Side of Privacy

by John Nardone, 1 week ago

Brands and organizations already know that walled gardens have exploited and distorted privacy for their own ends. On the open web, the choice is up to marketers whether they’ll do the same. Cutting corners and seeking loopholes around privacy principles will only further undermine consumer trust.

B2B Marketer

Crisis Energizes New Marketing Efforts

by Marie Griffin, 1 week ago

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) required big banks to reach more small businesses, and those located in underserved communities in particular. The effort has led Chase to significantly expand the company’s products, advertising, and content marketing.


How to Prepare for the Changing Nature of Data

by Kelly Owens, 1 week ago

Amid seismic shifts in the digital landscape, one question consistently arises: What can brands and advertisers do to adapt? One major part of the answer is first-party data, which is expected to play an outsized role as cookies fade, privacy rules ramp up, and consumers continue to demand more privacy and better customer experiences. Strong first-party data strategies look different for each organization, but here are seven tips every marketer should consider.

ANA Magazine

Companies Bolster Brand Identity with Modernized Logos

by Claretta Bellamy, 2 weeks ago

In thinking about creating a brand identity with a modernized look and feel, it’s important that marketers update their logos without losing the familiarity that sparked a connection with consumers in the first place.


Brands Commit to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

by Robin Seasock, 2 weeks ago

While raising awareness about diversity has been a long-standing effort among many brands and organizations, more advanced companies are embracing what is now a global social movement to make substantive and sustainable changes in the marketing field with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.