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The Keys to Attracting Young Marketing Talent

by Chris Warren, 4 hours ago

The expectations of millennial and generation Z workers mesh nicely with the underlying need for marketers to be perpetually innovative, flexible, and digitally savvy.


Marketers Grapple with Taking Creative Personalization to Higher Levels

by John Nardone, 1 day ago

Personalization is not a matter of simply aggregating data across various first- and third-party sources. The challenge is developing the creative strategies that can leverage the data in a responsible manner, foster new collaboration models, and codify the knowledge.

ANA Magazine

How to Go Big

by David Ward, 1 week ago

Marketers for smaller brands don’t have the same resources as their counterparts at bigger companies. But there’s still a great deal that smaller brands can learn from their larger competitors when it comes to maximizing their marketing activities.

B2B Marketer

Why Marketers' Martech Investments Fall Short

by Christopher Hosford, 1 week ago

B2B marketers continue to struggle with making the most of their growing marketing technology stack. A major part of the problem: Too many companies rely on individual technology purchases rather than foster an integrated approach.


How to Organize Teams for Scoping Season Success

by Aaron Mateer, 1 week ago

With a sluggish economy and tight budgets, advertisers more than ever must be organized for success as scope season comes around. When it does, here’s who should be at the table and why.

ANA Magazine

Louder Together

by John Wolfe, 2 weeks ago

The advertising, marketing, and media industries are coalescing to fight the coronavirus. PSAs and content designed to educate the public about the disease lead the charge.


They’re Just Not That Into You

by Patrick Meehan, 2 weeks ago

The long-held industry belief that TV, CTV, and digital video would eventually converge, as the adoption of streaming devices grew and cord-cutting and cord-stacking behavior accelerated, is happening much faster than originally anticipated. A new study from Innovid explores best practices for brands looking to optimize personalized CTV ads.

ANA Magazine

Are Shoppable Posts Clicking with Consumers?

by Ryan Dinger, 3 weeks ago

Since first appearing on Facebook and Instagram in 2016, shoppable posts have only grown, fully rolling out to 46 nations on both channels in 2018. Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok each began testing shoppables last year. As consumers' online behavior evolves, are they taking the shortcut to the shopping cart, or is the URL path to purchase as long as ever?


Are Consumers Getting the Right Message?

by Mary Acklin, 3 weeks ago

An examination of consumer behavior and how consumers view digital advertising’s relevancy has found things have changed between life as normal and life under the extraordinary circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s what’s different.

B2B Marketer

A Delicate Balance

by Matthew Schwartz, 3 weeks ago

Valerie Beaulieu, U.S. CMO at Microsoft, brings a highly balanced approach to B2B marketing to tackle the most pressing issues facing marketers.