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B2B and B2C Marketers Are Starting to Follow the Same Playbook

by John Obrecht, 1 day ago

B2B brands adopt more and more characteristics of consumer marketing, while B2C companies steal a page or two from the business marketing playbook.


The Google ID Is Gone, Now What?

by John Nardone, 2 days ago

Without the Google ID, marketers need to find new ways to build datasets to drive personalized marketing campaigns across multiple devices. Here are three obstacles and the priorities marketers must face in dealing with the massive shift the ID’s absence leaves behind.

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Quick Bits for the Week of November 11, 2019

by Emma Phipps, 3 days ago

What marketers need to know this week: A turducken-flavored chip, the first brand to test products in space, and more.

ANA Magazine

A New Chapter for Independent Bookstores

by Anne Field, 6 days ago

A focus on niche subjects and unique customer experiences is helping indie bookshops in the fight to survive in the age of Amazon.


Identity Resolution Is a Remedy for an Increasingly Complex Marketing Stack

by Jeff Smith, 1 week ago

Identity resolution is the universal translator that helps brands identify customers across media channels and electronic devices.


How B2B Audiences Sniff Out the BS in Your Brand Stories

by John Favalo, 1 week ago

With hectic schedules and a multitude of distractions competing for their interest, customers have never been so short on time or attention. To make a B2B audience take notice, business marketers should deliver brand stories in honest, compelling ways, with a balance of rational and emotional appeals.

ANA Magazine

Quick Bits for the Week of November 4, 2019

by Emma Phipps, 1 week ago

What marketers need to know this week: Facebook settles with U.K. data privacy watchdog, Bud Light rewards a beer hero, and more.

ANA Magazine

Four Tips for Discovering and Sharing Your Brand’s Purpose

by Ryan Dinger, 1 week ago

Brands with a purpose that benefits people or society outperform the stock market by 120 percent. It’s time to put your business in position to start benefitting from brand purpose. Get started with these four tips.


How AI Can Shape the Future of Direct Mail Marketing

by Christopher Karpenko, 2 weeks ago

By leveraging artificial intelligence for direct mail, marketers can create highly relevant, engaging messaging that speaks to specific consumer interests and behavior, keeps their brands top-of-mind, increases overall engagement, and, ultimately, boosts the bottom line. Here’s how.

B2B Marketer

B2B Marketers Find Their Voice

by Christopher Hosford, 2 weeks ago

For B2B marketers to optimize voice technology they need to use natural, everyday language — and work closely with sales to deploy the right words and/or terms.