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Is It TikTok’s Time?

by Chuck Kapelke, 6 hours ago

While still relatively new, TikTok has generated a fair share of users — and controversy. Despite its shaky start, the popularity and levity of the site make it an increasingly alluring option for marketers.


Why Media Measurement Must Change

by Jed Meyer, 3 days ago

CMOs need a robust and modern approach to marketing measurement, independent of any of the commercial interests in the ecosystem. To achieve meaningful progress, there are four critical dimensions to measurement that marketers must now master: commerciality, quality, frameworks, and testing. While the industry is making progress in building a universal solution, here’s what marketers can do now.

Greater Good

Brands Doing Good Series: Operation Walk

by Brion O’Connor, 4 days ago

Over the past two decades, Operation Walk, a volunteer medical humanitarian organization that provides joint replacement surgeries at no cost for those in need across the globe, has operated on more than 17,000 patients in 25 countries. The man behind the successful organization, Dr. Lawrence Dorr, explains how it came about and the impact it’s having.

ANA Magazine

As Reddit Broadens its Appeal, What’s the ‘Ask’ for Marketers?

by Chris Warren, 1 week ago

Once wary of the no-holds-barred social media platform, brands are finding unique ways to engage with Reddit’s 430 million monthly users.


Creative Is Data Too

by Melinda McLaughlin, 1 week ago

Each piece of ad creative holds a wealth of metadata. This data can help marketers at each stage of the creative workflow — if they have a centralized way to organize, manage, and maintain control of their assets. Here’s a look at the layers of data available within a marketer’s ad assets, and how that data can help drive more effective marketing and better ROI while ensuring precise compliance with talent and rights.

B2B Marketer

Brand Managers Face a World of Problems

by John Obrecht, 1 week ago

The onus is on marketers to spot regional or cultural trends that may impact their business category and/or products and services — even if the company lacks a significant global presence.


Mastering the Balancing Act Between BX and CX

by Tomas Gonsorcik, 1 week ago

Brand experience has long been the bedrock of brand-building, and still plays a crucial role in winning consumer affinity. But it’s the rise of the CX era, and its tight focus on every consumer touchpoint, that will future-proof modern brands for the next decade. Smart brands will strike a balance between brand experience and customer experience. Here’s how to get started.

ANA Magazine

Six Is the New 30

by Michael J. McDermott, 2 weeks ago

Call it the yin and yang of brand advertising: Six-second ads enjoy a halo effect from related content, while longer ads have more opportunity to tell a story and engage consumers.

Greater Good

Purposeful People Series: Beth Ford

by Amelia Duggan, 2 weeks ago

As CEO of Land O’Lakes, Beth Ford advocates for strengthening rural communities and supporting dairy farmers through agriculture technology and innovation.

ANA Magazine

The Succession Conundrum

by David Ward, 3 weeks ago

While an outside perspective can be helpful, fresh ideas readily exist within an organization. The onus is on upper management to encourage those executives who aspire to be the CMO.