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Sports Have Become a Jump Ball for Marketers

by Ryan Dinger, 8 hours ago

Beyond updated TV ads to reflect the current climate and some new in-broadcast signage, what are brands doing to reimagine their sponsorships for professional sports leagues and maximize their value — even with fans relegated to their living rooms?


Cross-Screen Measurement Isn’t the Future; It’s Already Here

by Christine Grammier, 1 day ago

The disruption of TV and the decay of linear reach are here. Technology is giving consumers new ways to view TV content, but TV ad planning and measurement often live within legacy tools built for that time when TV was linear only. That’s changing.

B2B Marketer

Navigating B2B Buyer Sentiment During a Time of Uncertainty

by Christopher Hosford, 2 days ago

Despite the pandemic, the appetite among B2B buyers remains relatively strong. But marketers need to take this time to find more purposeful ways of serving their customers and prospects.


The Secret to Advertising During a Crisis? Keeping the Data Close

by Nick McLachlan, 3 days ago

For marketers, the primary benefit of keeping the data close is helping customers transform and adapt their marketing strategies to a rapidly changing landscape. Brands also need to benchmark themselves against macro trends and make data-driven decisions to better navigate the new terrain shaped by the pandemic.

ANA Magazine

Airlines Keep Marketing Efforts Afloat Amid Pandemic

by Chuck Kapelke, 1 week ago

The initial shock and continuing uncertainty caused by the pandemic have led many companies in the travel sector to put the brakes on their marketing efforts. Yet evidence suggests that keeping up engagement with consumers can help lessen the impact of the blow.


How to Manage Advertising Production’s Bigger Picture

by Robin Seasock, 1 week ago

A strategic, companywide approach to governing production spend is still a relatively new concept for many CMOs, but the approach can help marketers simplify and optimize complex processes by consolidating and standardizing data across all production activity. Here’s how to get started.


The Keys to Direct-to-Consumer Success

by Christopher Karpenko, 1 week ago

Before rushing to copy the offline marketing efforts of direct-to-consumer brands, it’s crucial for traditional brands to first understand the overall purpose driving the strategy. The timing, messaging, and medium also play a part in the broader scheme of the campaign.

Greater Good

Get Smarter on Measuring Purpose

by Stephen Hahn-Griffiths, 1 week ago

To unleash the power of purpose, it must be continuously measured. Here’s one way to go about it.

ANA Magazine

Pebbles Cereal Rocks User-Generated Content in New Branded Series

by Matthew Schwartz, 2 weeks ago

Amy Brothers, brand manager for Pebbles cereal, and Brian Hurley, creative director at Public Works, discuss the kid-centric “Daily Yabba Dabba Doo” series and provide insight into the most effective ways for brands to harness user-generated content.


Navigating the New Video Landscape

by John Nardone, 2 weeks ago

Since the pandemic began, video consumption has grown across all categories. But most marketers struggle to take advantage of video because they are caught between traditional linear TV and digital video and they lack the tools to handle both at once.