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Quick Bits for the Week of December 10, 2018

by Emma Phipps, 18 hours ago

What marketers need to know this week: the Marketing Word of the Year is “Brand Purpose,” Samsung outspends P&G, and more.

ANA Magazine

Marketers Must Prepare for a Tidal Wave of Privacy Regulation

by Michael J. McDermott, 3 days ago

The GDPR, CCPA, and a tidal wave of new privacy-protection laws are creating a new era of digital marketing — learn what the laws mean for marketers and where things go from here.

B-to-B Marketer

Four Ways B2B Marketers Can Win This Holiday Season

Though holiday marketing has traditionally been seen as B2C territory, there is plenty business marketers can do to capitalize on the year-end season of giving.

ANA Magazine

Marketing Organizations Are Bringing Agency Services Home to Roost

by John Wolfe, 5 days ago

A new survey by the ANA shows more and more marketing organizations are bringing agency work in house. Here’s a look at the key takeaways and what they mean for the industry.


The Audio Boom

by Tammy Greenberg, 6 days ago

From radio to podcasts to smartspeakers, the growing prevalence of audio content is undeniable, and it’s creating a massive opportunity for brands that are willing to listen.

ANA Magazine

Quick Bits for the Week of December 3, 2018

by Emma Phipps, 1 week ago

What marketers need to know this week: Eight charged in a massive ad fraud bust, China boycotts Dolce & Gabbana, and more.

ANA Magazine

The 10 Best Quotes from ANA Masters of Marketing Week

With a speaking agenda packed with marketing geniuses, Masters of Marketing Week 2018 provided attendees with enough inspiration to last an entire year. These were our favorite quotes.

B-to-B Marketer

Connecting the Data Dots

by Diane S. Thieke, 1 week ago

Business-to-business marketers struggle with making data work for customer relationship management, but there are ways to overcome the challenges.

ANA Magazine

Avoiding Communication Breakdown

by David Ward, 1 week ago

Marketing is busy and fast-paced. Miscommunications between teams or external vendors can have dire consequences for a brand’s bottom line. Here’s what marketing organizations, agencies, and industry experts say helps to keep communication flowing free and clear.

ANA Magazine

Quick Bits for the Week of November 26, 2018

by Emma Phipps, 2 weeks ago

What marketers need to know this week: Remembering Jane Maas, Nike’s new retail experience, and more.