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B2B Marketer

A Refreshed Interest in Design

by Christopher Hosford, 3 hours ago

With digital engagement accelerating, B2B marketers are starting to soup-up the look of their websites and other assets. However, many companies have a hard time connecting improved design with the top and bottom lines.

Greater Good

Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders

by Brion O’Connor, 2 days ago

Through the Pat Tillman Foundation, Marie Tillman honors a true American hero by providing academic scholarships, professional development opportunities, and a national network to today’s budding leaders.

ANA Magazine

Marketers Search for Light in the ‘Dark Web’

by David Ward, 5 days ago

Despite growing privacy concerns among consumers and a lurch toward the ‘dark web,’ brands can still drive actionable insights from social listening.


Why COVID-19 Is Driving a Marketing Revolution

by Jeff Sporn, 6 days ago

While consumers are ready for a renewed sense of normalcy, the shift to digital remains. Marketing teams need an integrated, customer-first strategy that aligns with short- and long-term digital behaviors. The strategy should combine digital and traditional tactics, leverage data to personalize campaigns and maximize reach, and be flexible enough to adapt and scale over time.


Catering to a New Breed of Shopper

by Lei Duran, 1 week ago

The pandemic has raised the stakes and allure of click-and-collect. That’s because it’s a form of commerce offering more than just a convenience for routine weekly grocery shopping, but also a way to avoid stores altogether.

ANA Magazine

Brands Are Cultivating New Ways to Help Communities

by Maureen McLaughlin, 1 week ago

Following the initial rush among brands and organizations to donate money and supplies, some companies are opting to build on their relief efforts and assist the community at large.

B2B Marketer

A Crisis Draws B2B Marketers Closer to Their Customers

by Karen J. Bannan, 2 weeks ago

While the impact from the crisis has varied, most B2B sectors are scrambling for effective ways to boost their marketing efforts to retain customers and find new ones.

ANA Magazine

Reversing the Decline of American Brands in Europe

by Chris Warren, 2 weeks ago

Since the coronavirus outbreak, European consumer perceptions of American brands have worsened, and purchases have declined. There are various marketing strategies to deploy to get things back on track.


Three Ways to Put Data to Work in TV

by Jon Whitticom, 2 weeks ago

While many marketers currently find themselves in unexpected and challenging situations, they could benefit from using this moment as an opportunity to prepare for what’s next. Doing so will require data and the right technology to wield it. So what should brands do to harness the full effect of data in 2020 and beyond? Here are three ways marketers can put data to work.


What Lies Beneath? A Look At America’s Wallet

by Ian Wright, 3 weeks ago

By using the right data to identify differences between two outwardly identical groups, a brand can make better decisions which to reach and how. One key data point that can have major implications for a brand’s marketing ROI? Financial durability.