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With New NCAA Policy, Brands Win Big

by John Wolfe, 1 day ago

Brands and organizations are scrambling to sign up athletes after NCAA rule changes give amateur athletes the opportunity to sell their name, image, and likeness. Some deals could reach epic proportions. Sports marketing may never be the same.


Preventing the Perils of Programmatic for Premium Video

by Rick Mandler, 4 days ago

The theoretical advantages of programmatic advertising for a marketer are substantial. Lower transaction costs, more precise media targeting, greater flexibility, the ability to optimize creative and media in real time, and, of course, more competitive pricing should all lead to more efficient and more effective marketing. But how does the industry move beyond theory? There is a way.

ANA Magazine

The Future of Influencer Marketing Features More Integration

by Chris Warren, 1 week ago

Engaging with influencers has gone well beyond traditional brand partnerships. As companies develop their influencer marketing strategies, nuance will be a key ingredient moving forward.

B2B Marketer

Bridging the Gap Between Live and Virtual Events

by Patricia Yeager, 1 week ago

A recent survey shows that the right hand seldom knows what the left hand is doing when it comes to melding virtual and in-person B2B events.


Legacy Tech Is Driving Your Best People Away

by Jeff Siteman, 1 week ago

For brands and organizations that need to compete for talent in today’s marketplace, creating a seamless and connected work environment is nonnegotiable. Collaboration tools can help marketers operating in virtually any industry make the typical workday better — and strive to create a pleasant experience for both their teams and companies.

ANA Magazine

Marketers Must Join the Fight Against Cyberattacks

by Michael J. McDermott, 2 weeks ago

With cyberattacks on the rise, marketers must understand the scope of the threat and be proponents for consistently updating their companies’ online defenses. However, to have an effect, CMOs first have to make sure they have a seat at the table when cyber issues are discussed and strategies crafted.


How to Automate a Scope of Work Program

by Robin Seasock, 2 weeks ago

An automated scope of work program can provide several benefits for brands and their agencies, including an improved and more valuable client-agency relationship, but getting there requires a clear vision. Here’s how to get started.


Your Market Doesn’t Exist

by Pat Connolly, 2 weeks ago

While it’s always been true that a business needs great products and great marketing to be successful, in today’s world, great marketing can’t save a so-so product, and products don’t become great without marketing. Here are a few reasons why marketers should feel empowered to lead a new growth agenda within their organizations.

ANA Magazine

Star Search

by Chuck Kapelke, 3 weeks ago

As the definition of celebrity evolves, marketers have a much bigger canvas to draw in new spokespeople. But they do have to be extra careful that the person matches the tone of the ad campaign and shares the company’s values.

B2B Marketer

Building Teams of Teams

by Matthew Schwartz, 3 weeks ago

Against the backdrop of seismic changes in customer behavior, B2B companies are taking major steps to optimize their marketing assets and cultivate more collaboration among disparate teams who share the same goals.