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Buying Into TV’s Future

by Allison Metcalfe, 1 day ago

New online platforms are boosting marketers’ ability to deliver relevant TV ads that drive both short- and long-term business outcomes.

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Customer Advocacy Is the New Sounding Board for B2B Marketing

by Marie Griffin, 2 days ago

B2B marketers are starting to appreciate the value of creating customer experiences so their constituents feel obligated to advocate and share those experiences with others.


Trust and Transparency in Media and Marketing

by Stephen Broderick, 3 days ago

In the three years since the ANA’s landmark report on media transparency, progress has been made but issues of opaque practices still plague the industry. As the methods for media buying evolve, marketers must maintain their vigilance.

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Quick Bits for the Week of October 14, 2019

by Emma Phipps, 4 days ago

What marketers need to know this week: the meat industry pushes back against plant-based brands, Glenlivet unveils whisky pods, and more.

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Product Placement Landing Stronger Marketing Punch

by David Ward, 6 days ago

Ad-skipping technology and a sea of content options are creating multiple opportunities for product placement.


Eight Imperatives for Marketing-Led Growth

by Nikki Mendonça, Rebecca Atwell, 1 week ago

The good news: Marketers have a huge opportunity to have a significant impact on growth. The bad news: The stakes are far greater than anything conventional marketing can answer.

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The Power of Diversity and Inclusion in Storytelling

by Emma Phipps, 1 week ago

Knatokie Ford, Ph.D., former senior policy adviser in the Obama White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and current STEM and entertainment engagement adviser to the ANA’s #SeeHer initiative, discusses the power that diversity and inclusiveness bring to storytelling; the importance of portraying women in TV, film, and advertising as they are; and more.


New Designs for Engaging Consumers

by Robert Redmond, 1 week ago

Conversational marketing enables a one-to-one dialogue between individuals and brands that helps to inform, capture, qualify, and better connect with consumers.

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Quick Bits for the Week of October 7, 2019

by Emma Phipps, 1 week ago

What marketers need to know this week: Nielsen expands its measurement capabilities, Nevada’s new privacy law, and more.

ANA Magazine

Turning the Page on Magazines

by David Ward, 1 week ago

While the glory days of glossy periodicals may never return, magazines still capture the attention of highly desirable consumers — and new methods to measure marketing effectiveness are helping print advertising prove its worth.