Federal Privacy Legislation

In the last Congress, a comprehensive federal privacy bill was introduced, the American Data Privacy and Protection Act. This bill passed out of the House Energy & Commerce Committee on July 20, 2022, but did not receive floor votes in either the House or Senate. 

Read what ANA has to say about the bill.

In addition, the FTC has published an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on "Commercial Surveillance and Data Security." Read our comments in response here.

Read what Privacy for America has to say about the FTC's ANPRM. ANA is a founding member of Privacy for America.

State Privacy Legislation

So far in 2023, the following bills have been introduced at the state level:

  • California – SCR 9 – establishes data privacy day and week
  • Indiana – SB 5 – consumer data protection
  • Kentucky – SB 15 – an act relating to consumer data privacy
  • Mississippi – SB 2080 – Mississippi Consumer Data Privacy Act
  • Montana – SB 50 – generally revise laws related to data breach notification
  • Montana – LC 1750 – enhance online personal privacy and information protections
  • Montana – HB 47 – revise the Montana Information Technology Act
  • Montana – LC 4408, LC 1085, LC 3121, LC 3120 – prefiled bills related to data privacy
  • Nebraska – LB 297 – adopt the Personal Privacy Protection Act
  • New Hampshire – HB 314 – regulates the collection, retention, and use of personal information and establishes a cause of action for violations of an individual's expectation of privacy in personal information.
  • New Hampshire – LSR 451 – Relative to the Expectation of Privacy
  • New Jersey – SB 332 – Requires commercial internet websites and online services to notify consumers of collection and disclosure of personally identifiable information and allows consumers to opt out
  • New Jersey – A 1971 – concerning commercial internet websites, consumers, and
  • personally identifiable information
  • New York – AB 711 – Relates to collection, storage or transmission of personal information collected from smart home systems
  • New York – AB 417 – Restricts the disclosure of personal information by businesses
  • New York – SB 507 – Relates to the establishment of the wellness program privacy act
  • New York – SB 158 – Creates privacy standards for electronic health products and services and permissible data brokering
  • New York – SB 365 – Relates to enacting the NY Privacy Act
  • Oklahoma – HB 1030 – Oklahoma Computer Data Privacy Act
  • Oregon – HB 2052 – creates a data broker registry
  • Oregon – SB 619 – Relating to protections for the personal data of consumers; creating new provisions
  • Tennessee – SB 73 – Tennessee Information Protection Act
  • Virginia – HB 1391 – creates a Commission on Social Media
  • Washington – HB 1155 & SB 5351 – Addressing the Collection, Sharing, and Selling of Consumer Health Data

In addition, the following state bills deal specifically with children's privacy:

  • New Jersey – A4919 – Requires consent prior to sharing certain student information and establishes the New Jersey Children’s Data Protection Commission.
  • New York – AB 936 – Provides for disclosing to a parent the personal information and content about a minor collected by an operator of an internet platform
  • New York – AB 423 – Requires consent prior to sharing certain student information
  • Oregon – SB 196 – Relating to business’s use of age-appropriate design
  • South Carolina – H 3547 – prohibits the collection of personal information from children by operators of websites, online services, and or mobile applications
  • Virginia – HB 1688 & SB 1026 – Consumer Data Protection Act; protections for children. The bill, among other things, amends the definition of child for purposes of the Consumer Data Protection Act to include any natural person younger than 18 years of age

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