Government Relations
Our Washington, D.C., team provides a rigorous legislative and regulatory defense of marketers on the national and state levels.

Since the last major overhaul of the Federal Tax Code in 1986, there have been numerous proposals to end the tax deduction for advertising expenses, either partially or totally. ANA and The Advertising Coalition (TAC) have been successful in defeating every one of these proposals.

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect in May 2018. This major change to the EU’s data protection framework has major implications for U.S. advertisers and marketers, even those without significant EU operations. 

Penned by Dan Jaffe, the ANA's group executive vice president of government relations, this blog focuses on advocacy initiatives and key legal/regulatory issues that threaten national advertisers' freedom of commercial speech.

The scope of legislation, regulations, and court cases impacting the marketing community continues to be extremely broad, extending to issues as diverse as online privacy, prescription drug advertising, restrictions on the tax deductibility of advertising costs and the regulatory powers of the Federal Trade Commission.

Keep up to date with the latest in government relations news that may affect you, your brand, and the advertising industry.

Linked to the principles that shaped our nation, advertising served the public as a source of vital information about our open, market-based economy.

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