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The ANA's membership includes hundreds of nonprofit organizations, including higher education institutions, nonprofit children's hospitals, and disaster relief charities. Nonprofit organizations deliver help to every community in the country supported through the generosity of the public. As tax-exempt organizations, they're also highly regulated. 

Top nonprofit policy issues:

  • Postal Rates: Nonprofits rely on a healthy United States Postal Service to deliver their important appeals and communications, and to receive financial support from all over the country and internationally. Unfortunately, these organizations are finding it difficult to afford postage as the USPS postage rates have been increasing due to the USPS's Delivering for America Plan. Rising rates is an issue that must be addressed since increased costs for postage takes away from nonprofits' ability to help serve their missions.
  • Privacy: Nonprofit organizations are responsible stewards of vitally important information from those they serve and those that support them. These organizations are committed to safeguarding data under existing privacy rules. However, nonprofits seek uniform national privacy standards to prevent the current costly state-by-state patchwork. Each year, nonprofits see an increased number of states requiring a varying degree of compliance and adding to their compliance costs and risks.
  • Charitable Giving Initiatives: The nonprofit community won a temporary victory in gaining tax giving incentives for families during the COVID-19 pandemic, but now a universal charitable tax deduction is needed as Congress reviews tax reform proposals that will help the charitable community. A universal tax deduction for charitable donations will help incentivize generosity for all taxpayers.

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