Accountability through self-regulation advances industry growth vital to our future. Not only are self-regulatory measures preferable to governmental mandates, they are more readily adaptable to evolving technologies, shifting consumer preferences, and changing economic and social conditions.

As a leader in self-regulation, ANA’s accountability programs help businesses build consumer trust and best meet the needs of their customers. Through consumer help, committees, education, guidelines and guidance, and accountability tools, we aim to advance accountability for the industry.

Best Practices and Compliance Resources

Go beyond what is legal - do what is right.

ANA is pleased to offer you a robust data accountability tool kit to ensure your marketing plans follow purposeful accountability standards and best practices while also boosting your brand reputation.

Accountability Reporting

Below is more information about our ANA Ethics Committee, complaint handling process, case findings, and reports, including the list of the companies that have not responded to our requests about a particular marketing concern. If you have questions about these cases or would like to request that our Accountability staff review a particular marketing offer you find concerning, please contact us with detailed information at, or file an ethics complaint here.

Consumer Help and Resources

If you have questions about a marketing or fundraising offer or would like more information on how to better manage your marketing experience, please review our consumer toolkit and resources below.