As a leader in self-regulation, the ANA, through the Center for Ethical Marketing, helps businesses build brand and consumer trust through best practices, guidelines, guidance, compliance services, and committees. The Center seeks to educate, elevate, and advance accountability for the industry and mediate consumer complaints.

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ANA serves as one of the compliance arms to the Digital Advertising Alliance’s interest-based advertising opt-out program. Contact staff with any compliance questions.

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ANA Center for Ethical Marketing Weekly Briefing

Wednesdays at 2:00 p.m. ET via Zoom

These weekly briefings are an opportunity for members to ask questions and learn more about the ANA's compliance services, resources, and hot topics of the day, including:

  • Self-regulatory efforts across digital, AI, direct marketing, email, and more.
  • ANA's data hygiene tools, such as our signature prospect mail opt-out list, – a trusted best practice in the industry used nationally by top brands and data providers.
  • Data privacy and compliance as the cookie-less world takes hold, and
  • Your questions!

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Ethics Policy Committee

Open to all ANA members with a marketing background and interest in ethics, best practices, and related compliance topics, the Ethics Policy Committee meets quarterly to review pending activities at the federal and state levels, review and provide input to shaping the Guidelines for Ethical Business Practices and related ethical standards, and learn about best practices and key topics in ethical marketing across the marketing ecosystem.

November 9th Ethics Policy
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Ethics Webinar Series

Join us as we explore how ethical marketing and best practices must play a key role in your marketing plans. Webinars feature leading marketing and advertising experts who will share best practices, tips, and compliance tools to help you be a force for good.

No events are currently scheduled. Please check back for future events or click the button below to see all available ethics webinar series.

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Be an ethics advocate for your company or organization – join our LinkedIn group to share best practices, tips, and your concerns about ethical marketing practices. Help us help others do the right thing.

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Ethics Issue Alerts

The latest issues in marketing and ethics.

ANA Ethics Compliance Report, January — June 2023

1 month ago

The ANA recently released the latest edition of its Ethics Compliance Report, covering January through June of 2023.

New Data Privacy Framework Launched for Global Marketers and Data Providers

by Lisa Shosteck, 1 month ago

Global marketers and data providers are celebrating with the announcement and launch of a new EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework (DPF) to replace the former Privacy Shield, which was invalidated by European courts in 2020. Small and mid-sized companies were significantly impacted by this decision since Privacy Shield was the most affordable and accessible option for companies to comply with the adequacy requirements for transferring data from the EU to the United States.

Additional Alerts from the Federal Trade Commission

Best Practices and Compliance Resources

A robust data compliance and accountability tool kit to elevate industry standard practices.

Ethical Business Practice Guidelines and Guidance

Also available as a PDF, these generally accepted principles of conduct reflect the marketing industry’s long-standing policy of promoting the highest levels of ethics in data stewardship and marketing.

List Management Tools

Effective and affordable data hygiene management and compliance tools to help you respect consumer marketing preferences and accelerate your sustainability journey.

Do Not Contact Lists:

Additional Tools:

Consumer Help and Resources

If you have questions about a marketing or fundraising offer or would like more information on how to better manage your marketing experience, please review our consumer toolkit and resources below.

ANA Members Recognize Ethical Practices as a Key to Success

Filing Complaints

The ANA is interested in hearing from you if you believe a direct marketing promotion or practice is questionable and may warrant a formal review by staff or the ANA Ethics Review Committee. The ANA receives and investigates complaints against member and nonmember organizations.

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