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How AI Can Cultivate Empathy

1 week ago

In this episode of the Beyond Profit podcast, Minter Dial joins host Ken Beaulieu to discuss why the world needs to invest in and cultivate empathy and the role artificial empathy can play in overcoming the threats in business and in society at large.

Creating Value by Doing Good

2 weeks ago

In this episode of the Beyond Profit podcast, Phil White, cofounder at Grounded World, joins host Ken Beaulieu to discuss purpose, sustainability marketing, and driving social impact.

Can Movie Theaters Still Reel in Advertisers?

5 days ago

Mike Rosen, chief revenue officer at National CineMedia (NCM), which sells ads for movie theaters, joins host Matthew Schwartz to talk about the company’s new advertising services, why brands tend to underestimate the value of running in-theater spots, and whether movie theaters may be in for some reinvention.

How Marketers Foster Employee Relations

2 weeks ago

Josh Ingram, founder and principal of MOST Wanted Co, joins host Matthew Schwartz to discuss why it’s crucial that employees feel that they can be themselves at work, how employers can tap into their workers’ side hustles, and the benefits of both mentoring and reverse-mentoring.

The Journey from Brand-less to Brand Master, with Take 5's Brady Noon

1 week ago

On the latest edition of the Marketing Futures Podcast, we talk to Take 5 Oil Change and Car Wash CMO Brady Noon about brand building through bold advertising and embedding the company’s mission into its KPIs.

From Worst to Favorite: The Fresh Market's Remarkable Transformation, with Kevin Miller pt II

2 weeks ago

On part two of the Marketing Futures Podcast with The Fresh Market’s Kevin Miller, we discuss the brand’s foray into livestreaming and shoppable video.

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