Expanded Team Building Offerings

Investing in Talent Drives Growth

Studies show talent development is one of the most important differentiators between over- and under-performing organizations.*

Over-performing organizations have higher employee engagement and increased staff productivity and/or faster onboarding** because they tend to:

  • Choose training programs tailored around specific needs
  • Offer employees more than three days of training annually
  • Engage with talent development providers who have sufficient external expertise and experience versus sourcing talent development only from internal resources

* ANA studies, conducted in conjunction with Adobe, Spencer Stuart, and Millward Brown Vermeer (now Kantar)
** Udemy commissioned a study of L&D and HR executives to assess the ROI of learning.

Read more about making the case for training here: The Case for Training: Build People, Build Your ROI.


ANA Marketing Training & Development Center Team Training Solutions

Turnkey Training (In-person and/or Virtual)

Three-hour virtual or four-hour half-day in-person workshops provide insights, best practices, frameworks, case studies, and exercises to improve your team's effectiveness and efficiency. Extend the training to a six-hour virtual or eight-hour full-day in-person workshop to deepen the learning and application.

Choose from our robust workshop catalog of more than 100 team training options. Our turnkey workshop offerings can also include customization at an incremental cost.

Mastery Programs (In-person and/or Virtual)

Comprehensive immersion programs focused on a key marketing concept. Mastery programs utilize a highly interactive approach that allows the team to collaborate using new techniques and tools to create frameworks and action plans for immediate execution.

Marketing Excellence Curriculum (In-person and/or Virtual)

A multi-day learning curriculum designed to comprehensively and systematically enhance the talent of your team.


Not sure which option or topic is best for your team? We can help.

Capability Diagnostic Tool ("CDT")

An exclusive ANA member benefit that provides a skill gap analysis to prioritize areas for team development. The CDT is a service that offers your organization the ability to assess team confidence and skill levels in key marketing activities and business skills.

Quantitative data gives you the insight needed to deliver targeted and prioritized training solutions to marketing team(s). The resulting plan may be for the organization and/or for a specific role, level, brand team, or group.

An anonymous 30-minute online survey uses a 1-8 rating system to identify talent development needs aligned to the MTDC's marketing competency framework. The lower the score, the higher the need for training in that area.

The CDT analysis of your organization is included in your membership. Additional insights on your specific sub-groups are available for an incremental investment.

Competency Mapping

You have identified your organization's key marketing competencies and marketing processes. The ANA offers over 150 training solutions and hundreds of other ways to build your team's talent. We can help you map your engagement with the ANA by providing a curated list of solutions targeted specifically to your organization's marketing competencies.

For further explanation of any of these additional training benefit options or to bring one to your organization, please contact your training specialist for more information at training@ana.net.