Other options to build your team

The ANA Marketing Training & Development Center offers three additional levels of onsite training support if you need more than the half-day workshop included in your membership. These levels are based on the breadth and depth of skills, content, application and customization your team needs:

Skill Building

The first level is a robust curriculum of many full day and half day onsite workshops.

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Mastery Programs

In addition to our lineup of 70-plus workshops, we also offer mastery programs that are designed to provide you with an immersive training experience that can comprehensively build your team’s effectiveness and efficiency in the following key marketing process areas:

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Art and Science of Brand Building
  • Customer Centricity
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Creative Transformation
  • Agency Relations
  • Marketing Measurement

Customized Marketing Excellence Curriculum powered by our Capability Diagnostic Tool (CDT)

For robust needs such as building an internal marketing academy or for training scores of marketers in a key process, the ANA will work with your organization to identify a team’s skill gaps and needs utilizing our proprietary Capability Diagnostic Tool (CDT).

CDT is the start of our five-step design and development process that helps you build a customized marketing curriculum from scratch. Additionally CDT provides insight for the selection of all learning products and solutions from a half day workshop to a customized curriculum.

For help with any of these additional training benefit options, please contact your training specialist for more information at training@ana.net.