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Marketing Enterprise Learning Services

Capability Diagnostic Tool ("CDT")

We help marketing enterprise leaders to be strategic in their training investments. Because strategic L&D planning begins with a diagnostic of your organization's marketing skills, we offer, as exclusive ANA member benefit, a service that provides skill and confidence measurement of key marketing processes and individual business skills.

The quantitative data gives you the insight needed to deliver targeted and prioritized training solutions to marketing team(s). The resulting plan may be for the organization and/or for a specific role, level, brand team, or group.

An anonymous 30-minute online survey uses a 1-8 rating system to identify talent development needs within your marketing organization. The lower the score, the higher the need for training in that area. As part of the report, ANA Members are provided with a road map of training solutions aligned to the needs identified in the CDT.

The CDT analysis is available at a member discounted incremental cost. To learn more email, us at


Competency Mapping

We help marketing enterprise leaders to map ANA solutions to their marketing competency framework. For organizations that have developed their own marketing competency framework, we offer a service that will directly map ANA training solutions aligned to your framework. This service will save you time and effort by searching through hundreds of training products to provide you with a list of curated solutions targeted specifically to your organization's marketing competencies.


Technological Enablement

We help marketing enterprise leaders to increase their training ROI by working with your IT partners to determine tech solutions that make the learning experience smooth and easy.


Marketing Training Delivery Solutions

We help marketing enterprise leaders make the best choice from hundreds of marketing training solutions. Speak with your MTDC Enterprise Learning advisor to determine what specific training is right for you.

For further explanation of any of these additional training benefit options or to bring one to your organization, please contact your training specialist for more information at