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Membership with the ANA gives you the resources and opportunities to learn from your peers and today’s marketing masters. The ANA helps client side organizations make better business decisions by providing collaborative benchmarking, networking, and brand-building knowledge along with exclusive access to the latest marketing insights of more than 590 leading companies and over 10,000 brands. We provide you and your teams with the opportunity to network, share, engage, and maximize the overall value of your brands through world-class resources.

Membership Eligibility

ANA membership is corporate, not individual, and open to only to client-side marketing organizations.

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2013 ANA Annual Report

The ANA strongly believes that it has a responsibility not only to help our members, but also serve the industry.  We saw tremendous growth, accomplishment and progress, all captured in our 2013 Annual Report.

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A Message From Our CEO

Fast Growth. Valuable Connections. Greater Success.

  • Stay ahead of the curve – Gain unlimited access to thousands of proprietary marketing insights, industry trends and the latest research reports covering dozens of marketing disciplines demonstrating how industry leaders successfully move their businesses forward.
  • Know what your peers know – ANA's unparalleled collaboration opportunities help you learn proven and practical marketing strategies that you can apply today.
  • Raise your organization's skill level – ANA corporate training programs give you access to forward thinking marketing courses from leading industry experts.
  • Save time and money - Engage in a wide array of complimentary professional resources including industry thought leadership committees, regional marketing conferences, cutting-edge webinars, and roundtable events for senior marketers and CMOs.
  • Benefit through regulatory and legislative advocacy efforts – ANA anticipates emerging issues by leveraging our leadership to defend and advance the industry's agenda.

As the leading organization for client side marketers, ANA collectively elevates the art and science of marketing by helping to build stronger brands and drive greater revenue through smarter marketing decisions. And, we do this with an exclusive portfolio of products and services.


ANA brings together industry leaders from across the entire marketing spectrum to collaborate with their peers by sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, and networking at thought leadership committees, members-only conferences, and national conferences.

Training & Development

Comprehensive curriculum of individual and group marketing workshops focused on today's most innovative industry topics, designed to increase marketing effectiveness and efficiency. Courses and curricula including:

  • Marketing Strategy and Process
  • Brand Building
  • Marketing Metrics and Measurement
  • Marketing Communications
  • Agency Relations
  • Creative Development
Insights & Research

Access to thousands of cutting-edge marketing insights designed to help you make better business decisions faster, including our brand new Marketing ToolkitsEffies Case Studies, Internationalist Case Studies, and MMA (Smarties) Case Studies. Search for insights and research in our Marketing Knowledge Center (MKC) by clicking here


A voice for the marketing community, our Washington office leads the marketing industry in government relations, legislative and regulatory issues to protect the ability of all marketers to communicate effectively with consumers. Issues the ANA is monitoring and champion include:

  • Cross platform measurement and the expansion of viewable digital impressions
  • Addressing fundamental issues relating to ICANN and the expansion of Top Level Domains (TLD)
  • Leadership initiatives in procurement management, media rebates, brand-specific commercial ratings, and agency trading desks
  • Food and beverage advertising and advertising to children
  • Commercial free speech initiatives
  • Enacting self-regulation for Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA)
  • Patent trolling legislation
  • SAG/AFTRA talent negotiations

$6,000 Training Credit

ANA Member Companies, as part of their membership are offered one (1) training credit annually. 

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Member Action Plan

Developed to determine the marketing issues you face and then designed to help answer those challenges. With your input, we marshal the appropriate ANA resources to support your multiple priorities.

Review a sample Member Action Plan (PDF)

Board of Directors

ANA's Board of Directors is comprised of leaders in the marketing industry. Please read about our current board.

Our Members

Membership includes representation from many of the country's leading organizations. See all of our member companies to find out if you are currently a valued member of the ANA.