Talent Forward Alliance

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This Reskilling the Organization committee brings together those who are driving marketing excellence across and building marketing capabilities for their respective organizations. In this forum, we discuss the approach that organizations take to reskilling and upskilling the marketing organization. Typical attendees include heads of marketing capabilities and marketing excellence, heads of HR, and L&D experts.

Building True Marketing Capabilities for Growth (11:30am-12:30pm)

The digital economy has forced marketers to reskill their organizations to take advantage of new marketing opportunities to reach consumers. To manage through this transformation, PepsiCo has built a marketing capability framework that identifies core skills, learning opportunities, and performance expectations for its marketing organization. Hear how PepsiCo has driven this capabilities mindset throughout their global organization.

Speaker: Homi Battiwalla, Senior Marketing Director, Global Marketing Excellence, PepsiCo

How P&G Is Reinventing the Brand Career Model with a Focus on Skills of the Future (1-2pm)

The fragmentation of marketing has led to the creation of different kinds of specialist roles that the marketing function must deploy to drive growth for their organizations. The traditional career models have been upended, and there is a compelling need to reinvent the brand career model to focus on skills development for today’s younger marketer. Learn how P&G is thinking through to give the resources and tools for their marketing organization to shape the career they want based on the skills they need to develop.

Speaker: Florian Péquignot, Global HR Leader, P&G

Workshop: The Modern Marketer: Skills for Today, Skills for Tomorrow (2-4pm)

This workshop will focus on what are the skills we need today and tomorrow to drive growth for our organizations. Key questions will be discussed such as:

  • What are those skills for today?
  • What are those skills for tomorrow?
  • Where do we find those skills?
  • How do we develop these skills?
  • How can those skills be deployed for business growth?
  • How do those skills map to different career paths for an individual?