DC Council Approves Budget Without Ad & Data Tax

The Council of the District of Columbia today unanimously approved a FY 2021 budget that no longer contains the proposed 3% advertising and data tax included in earlier versions. Thanks to our coalition’s lobbying efforts with the Council, the tax was not included in the Chairman’s budget amendment. This clearly is a major victory for the whole ad community. We want to strongly thank all of our members who weighed in opposing this counterproductive tax.

The advertising and data tax would have been extremely detrimental to the economic health of many small and medium-sized businesses and independent media in the District of Columbia. Especially in light of the ongoing economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, now is clearly not the time to raise taxes. By removing the tax, businesses will be able to continue to promote their products and services effectively in the District, helping economic recovery.

We greatly appreciate the Council listening to our arguments against the tax, and thank it for its constructive action today.

The statement from our industry coalition can be found here