Contact Florida Governor and Legislators to Stop Data Privacy Bill Worse for Advertisers than California

Data privacy bills substantially more onerous than California’s CCPA/CPRA laws are racing through the Florida House and Senate. The legislation contains a broad Private Right of Action (PRA), exposing companies to expensive lawsuits for even minor or technical violations. For instance, a business that does not immediately cease selling or sharing personal data following an opt out request, could be subject to uncapped liability under the PRA. If enacted, Florida’s data privacy legislation would be more onerous and burdensome for companies than complying with California’s newly enacted CCPA and CPRA.

Governor DeSantis and House and Senate leaders need to hear from executives from your organization right away about the negative impact enacting these bills will have on your company and your ability to serve customers. They think these bills will crackdown on tech and social media companies, yet they fail to realize the broad negative impact this legislation will have on Florida businesses and non-profits. For just another example, these bills would permit parties to submit bulk opt out choices on behalf of Florida consumers without any proof that they were actually authorized to submit such requests.  Such an unchecked result could cripple data-driven marketing in Florida and deprive consumers of their rights.

Last week, the ANA sent letters opposing the House and Senate bills, as presently drafted. We strongly encourage you to use these letters as a guide to contact Governor DeSantis and House and Senate leaders, telling them to fix the data privacy bills to avoid harming Florida businesses and consumers.  We have listed below how to contact key leaders in Florida.  If you have questions about these bills, please reach out to Chris Oswald at

Governor Ron DeSantis
Senate President Wilton Simpson
Speaker of the House Chris Sprowls