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Ethics & Compliance

For over 60 years, the Data & Marketing Association’s ethics and self-regulatory program have sought to preserve and protect the entire marketing industry’s ability to responsibly capture, process, and refine detailed data to innovate marketing practices and technologies that benefit their customers and grow our economy.

Because we believe that self-regulation is always the better choice over government regulation of marketing, ANA seeks to build on the foundation that DMA started and continues to craft and enforce strong industry self-regulation in partnership with our members. It is a key pillar of what we do at ANA, and progress is being made in two key ways:

  • We work on a daily basis with consumers to help them understand legitimate marketing and fundraising efforts and to report fraudulent activity.
  • We ensure companies and organizations are aware of and follow industry ethics and guidelines so that consumers can trust the process and to ensure accountability is occurring.

We take consumer concerns seriously.

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