Marketing Technology Procurement and Implementation Resources

Martech has been identified as an essential component of helping marketers manage business transformation so the ANA has made martech a critical priority and has established it as a strategic capability in order to help marketers master the stack. Martech spending has doubled in the past two years to approximately $121.5 billion globally in 2019, with the number of martech vendors growing to 8,000.

As growth continues, so too does the complexity of the related issues that arise from the implementation and integration of what are often disparate solutions. ANA has built a solution by retaining the Venable LLP, our data and technology law firm, to create a suite of legal documents to streamline procurement decisioning and the marketing technology procurement process and drive toward a more efficient evaluation and negotiation. These documents will help marketers secure substantially better value out of their martech investment, drive growth, and eliminate waste.

  • Martech Procurement Checklist (PDF): A step-by-step guide for procuring and managing martech that also highlights issues and resolution strategies you should consider.
  • Martech Best Practices and Tips (PDF): A compilation of key insights and common pitfalls.
  • Sample Service Level Agreement, Annotated (PDF): Provides an advertiser or client with a set of legal terms and conditions to address common client or customer concerns. This service level agreement (SLA) works as an amendment of or addendum to an existing or provider-side master services agreement (MSA) and includes annotated notes drawing attention to details typically addressed in the MSA.
  • Sample Master Service Agreement, Annotated (PDF): A sample contract with focused terms for the procurement of martech services, including online solutions and applications. This annotated version includes clauses and provisions from the SLA, along with other terms and conditions commonly found in an agreement for use by clients or customers when procuring professional services or software-as-a-service offerings.
  • Sample Master Service Agreement, Clean (PDF): A sample contract with focused terms for the procurement of martech services, including online solutions and applications.
  • ANA Martech Glossary (PDF): A collection of terminology compiled from industry-leading data, martech, and advertising technology companies and trade organizations.