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Programmatic Media Transparency RFP

Eliminating Waste Throughout the Entire Programmatic Marketplace


The programmatic marketplace is substantial, rapidly growing, and far-reaching, with connected TV as its latest accelerant.

But as powerful a tool as programmatic advertising has been for marketers, the programmatic market has been riddled with material issues, including a lack of transparency (data and dollars), fractured accountability, and mind-numbing complexity. These issues impair critical decision-making by marketers, leading to wasteful and unproductive media-buying decisions and crippled and meaningless analytical capabilities.

Previous and separate studies by the ANA, the WFA, and the ISBA have not only analyzed some of these issues but also reinforced troubling conclusions, leaving the industry at a critical inflection point. The industry must now move to rectify the issues and restore the productivity of billions of dollars of marketing investments.

The goals are simple:

  • Drive business and brand growth through the elimination of wasteful and unproductive spending.
  • Make the whole digital media supply chain understandable, highly transparent, and analytically rich.
  • Institute corrective solutions and industry standards that have long-term sustainability.
  • Determine whether industry oversight bodies are needed to ensure the integrity of the programmatic ecosystem.

In comparison to previous studies, this undertaking will expand the size and scope:

  • FROM Advertiser to Publisher, TO Advertiser to Audience
  • FROM Open Web only, TO all programmatic trading platforms

We are seeking outside help from independent consultants to help us achieve a better future for the programmatic market in the interests of advertisers and their partners.

Please download the full RFP here.