ECHO Awards 1
ECHO Awards 1
ECHO Awards 1

Brilliant results. Executed brilliantly.

As you know, data and analytics continue to be the world’s most effective tools for building engaging marketing experiences with the greatest potential to drive real business growth. Celebrating exceptional data-inspired strategy, creative, and results for more than 90 years, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) International ECHO Awards are one of the most coveted awards in marketing, precisely because they are real campaigns that enable art and science to move brand and business objectives.

Each year, the ECHOs attract entries from hundreds of leading brands and agencies across North and South America, Europe, Africa and Middle East, and Asia-Pacific regions to find how their data-inspired marketing stacks up on a global stage. All ECHO winners prove what extraordinary results can be accomplished through measurable, accountable marketing strategy and communication.

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"The ECHOs are an excellent confluence of data revealed in truthful experiences that are beautifully executed. I would be hard-pressed to find a different recognition that hits it so squarely. Right now, clients are eager to find evidence that these sorts of investments really drive value and have performance behind them. The way that the ECHOs organize the categories and judge the work, I don't think they have ever been more relevant."


-Troy Hitch, Chief Innovation Officer, Proximity Worldwide

Recent ECHO Award Winners

ECHO winners proudly gain:
  • Proof that your talent lies in your ability to build relevance and influence resulting in meaningful growth for your brand or client.
  • Peer-led affirmation that your creative is an example of what great marketing looks like
  • The career-boosting accolades of being recognized around the world as a champion of data-inspired marketing.
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