Agency Management

Brand advertisers must demand increasingly more from the advertising and marketing service agencies they rely on to plan and execute break through work while driving the dual agenda of effectiveness and efficiency. Clients want more, better, faster work from their strategic relationships. Their ability to effectively manage these relationships is directly correlated to their ability to succeed in the marketplace. This course is designed to develop the skills of an effective client leader or active user of agencies. 

Who Is This Course For?

Marketers responsible for managing agency relationships or the contractual/financial or transactional relationship, as well as new managers to agency management and a great refresher for senior professionals or team leaders.

 Learning Objectives

  1. Describe how the agency world is organized
  2. Apply the best agency strategy to support your organization
  3. Outline the best methods to foster collaboration between your agencies
  4. Negotiate compensation terms that motivate your partners
  5. Develop scope of work and briefing best practices to ensure alignment and minimize waste
  6. Explain the steps involved to conduct an effective client/agency performance evaluation

Estimated Length of Completion: Approximately 2 hours


Bruno Gralpois, ANA faculty, is the co-founder and principal of Agency Mania Solutions, a firm specializing in helping marketing organizations realize the "transformational" value of managed agency partnerships. He is the former head of global marketing operations at Visa Inc., and former director of global agency strategy at Microsoft. 

Registration Pricing

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