Certificated ANA Marketing Student

Combining brand marketing strategy with customer-centric techniques and digital, data, and analytics training, the Certificated ANA Marketing Student (CAMS) program ensures that students have the knowledge needed for today’s multi-faceted marketing student, as well as the skills for a future career progression in marketing.

With the ANA’s certificate program, students will be activated by practitioner-led training to elevate their marketing knowledge with insight into marketplace drivers and best practices – from customer insights, to strategy, to execution, to attribution, and success metrics.

CAMS is 100 percent online, accessible anytime, anywhere, and represents the important knowledge and skills students should have familiarity with when entering the marketing field. 

Registration for the CAMS program requires a special access code and is available to select universities and students only. If you have any questions, please contact CAMS@ana.net.

Learning Experience

This program includes courses with multiple formats and various levels of interactivity: fully interactive multi-media format, partially interactive narrated PowerPoint slide presentation format, and video-based, lecture format with no interactivity. Active participation varies by course. All courses include assessments and only some have knowledge checks, activities, and resources/tools.

Who is this Program For?

The CAMS certification is ideal for marketing students who want comprehensive knowledge of the entire marketing process and/or to better understand future roles in the overall marketing lifecycle.

Course Outline

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The coursework for this certificate program includes developing knowledge in areas such as:

Customer Centricity

Course 1: From Insights to Great Messaging (approximately 90 min.)

This highly engaging and interactive course focuses on marketing best practices and immediately applicable concepts, tools, techniques.  Specifically, participants learn a clear, direct insight definition, how to differentiate real from “faux” insights, how insights are discovered through a detailed understanding of our target audience, how breakthrough creative “ideas” are based on insights, how to assess, comment, and coach creative work to reinforce unique consumer insights. Participants leave with actionable concepts they can immediately apply to real-time marketing situations.

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Brand Building/Brand Activation  

Course 2: The Art & Science of Brand Building (approximately 120 min.)

This course will help your brand compete and win in the marketplace by breaking down key components of brand building in a way that builds knowledge and reveals practical insights that you can apply to your brand and bottom line. This course provides tools and frameworks around what you need to know about your customer, what you need to analyze about your competition, and then what you need to document about your brand.  With these insights in hand, this course shows you how to effectively position your brand and activate your brand experience.

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Creative Process & Briefs/Agency Management

Course 3: Inspiring Great Creative (approximately 120 min.)

This course will help you get the kind of powerful creative work that builds your sales overnight and builds you brand over time. You’ll be guided through the entire creative process, from writing the creative brief to judging creative work, giving the agency compelling feedback, and making all your communications more effective. Quite simply, this course will help you be a better client.

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Course 4: Agency Management (approximately 120 min.)

Brand advertisers must demand increasingly more from the advertising and marketing service agencies they rely on to plan and executive break through work from these relationships while simultaneously driving the dual agenda of effectiveness and efficiency. Clients want more, better, faster from their strategic relationships. Their ability to effectively manage these relationships is directly correlated to their ability to succeed in the marketplace. Yet the answers are not always obvious. Why do some relationships thrive while others miserably fail? What works and what doesn’t? What should brand advertisers do to set themselves for continued success? This course is designed to help you answer those questions and develop the skills of an effective client leader or active user of agencies.

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Digital Marketing & Media Strategy

Course 5: Social Media Marketing (approximately 45 min.)

Learn how to create and profit from blogs, microblogs, podcasts, social bookmarking, online videos, and photos. Develop your own social media strategy for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. You'll come away knowing how to develop an integrated social media marketing strategy, including nine critical points in the use of social media.

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Course 6: Mobile Marketing (approximately 85 min.)

Mobile marketing is comprised of a set of practices that enable organizations to communicate and engage in an interactive and relevant manner through and with any mobile device or network. This course introduces effective ways to engage with the mobile user, using the mobile device as a conduit between conversation and engagement.

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Course 7: Web & Search Engine Marketing (approximately 145 min.)

This course provides an overview of how to manage and develop effective paid search campaigns. Topics such as SEO (search engine optimization,) linking, PPC (pay-per-click) and keywords will be covered in just the right amount of detail for you to be actionable and dramatically increase rankings for your site.

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Course 8: Fundamental Email Marketing (approximately 90 min.)

In this course, you’ll learn how to identify your target audience and oversee the deployment of email messages that garner the response you want. You’ll also discover the importance of permission-based email campaigns and other ethical guidelines that are crucial for your company’s bottom line.

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Data, Measurement & Analytics / CRM / Attribution

Course 9: Data-Driven Analytics & Testing (approximately 140 min.)

The testing and analytics of marketing campaigns provides a better understanding of why some campaigns work, while others don’t. This course gives participants specific, detailed guidance on how to use analytics to drive your business forward. Learn how to identify and use vital research resources, develop a sound testing framework for each medium you use, and use attribution models to overcome challenges, such as multichannel touchpoints and multiple screens. You’ll get a “how-to” guide on effective research and testing techniques, plus a detailed explanation of how to test across different data-driven marketing channels and what metrics to utilize.

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Course 10: CRM Implementation: Database & Campaign Management (approximately 85 min.)

Do you know the must-have methods for implementing or refining you existing your CRM practice? In this course, you will learn the core principles and prerequisites of data and campaign management, including an overview of the processes required for CRM implementation and a closer look at marketing database development. Discuss the campaign management cycle starting from marketing strategies through implementation and evaluation. Lastly, understand the full lifecycle as you learn from real-world case studies in database and campaign management.

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In addition to completion of the courses, this certificate program includes a certificate assessment, survey, certificate of completion, and digital badge carrying the date of certificate completion which can be displayed on your resume, email signature, social media profiles, etc.

This certificate program includes an assessment and certificate of completion.

Estimated Length of Completion:

Approximately 17 Hours. This timing reflects basic run time, but seat time varies by user and could be significantly longer.

Note: When you register for a Certificate or Certification Program you will automatically be registered for all the Courses listed in the Program.  All Courses in the Program will only be available through the Certificate or Certification Program listed in your Enrollments on the learning portal where you access your on-demand training. You will not see the individual Courses listed in your Enrollments on the learning portal, nor will you be able to register for them individually once enrolled in a Certificate or Certification Program that includes them.

During the registration process, you will be asked for your special access code.

Registration Pricing

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