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Guide to Assessing Your Current MarTech Landscape

This course, dedicated to executing comprehensive MarTech Assessments, equips learners with an in-depth
understanding of the end-to-end process and best practices essential for carrying out an effective MarTech
Assessment. Through a structured journey across eight distinct stages, learners will be immersed in the core
activities required to complete each phase, learning best practices, tips, and tricks along the way. The curriculum is designed to empower participants with a comprehensive grasp of the MarTech Assessment process, enabling them to refine their marketing strategies with precision and insight. Join us to unlock the full potential of your MarTech capabilities.

Learning Experience

This is a multimedia format course and is fully interactive. It provides real-world practitioner-led learning. Active course participation is required and includes knowledge checks, user engagement, assessments, and resources/tools.

Who is this Course For?

    • Marketing practitioners
    • Technologists and developers
    • Brand strategists

Learning Objectives

  1. Recognize the importance of assessing your MarTech landscape to navigate the evolving digital marketing environment effectively
  2. Grasp the significance of detailed planning as the foundational step in evaluating your current MarTech setup, ensuring strategic alignment with business goals
  3. Learn to complete discovery, capturing critical information as user stories, and then translating them into detailed use cases that guide MarTech strategy and implementation
  4. Master the art of mapping identified needs to technical capabilities using a MarTech and System Capability framework
  5. Analyze gaps between current capabilities and future needs, identifying opportunities for enhancement or transformation
  6. Design a visionary yet achievable future MarTech landscape that aligns with your business objectives, using insights from the gap analysis
  7. Gain the skills necessary to design a step-by-step roadmap that guides the transition from the present to the desired future state
  8. Learn strategies for effectively communicating the assessment findings, ensuring organizational buy-in and readiness for MarTech transformation

Find out what you'll learn from Transparent Partners in the video below.


Estimated Length of Completion

Approximately 80 minutes. This timing reflects basic run time, but seat time varies by user and could be significantly longer.

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Note that this course is part of a more comprehensive 9-course MarTech Foundational Certificate Program to be launched in the next few months. Individual courses may be launched as they are developed and may be available out of sequence.

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Transparent Partners

Transparent Partners is an independent consulting firm dedicated to helping brands create value through world-class marketing. Our results are achieved through a relentless commitment to, and deep expertise in, marketing technology, marketing and consumer data, and marketing operations.

Our services and expertise span the entire range of MarTech, including assessments, architectural design, selection, implementation, and operationalization. Our commitment is to ensure clients see a positive return on their investment in marketing technologies.

In marketing and consumer data, our proficiency extends to comprehensive assessments, strategic planning, architectural design, and sophisticated measurement & analytics, facilitating informed and data-centric marketing choices.

Additionally, our knowledge in marketing operations ensures clients can effectively execute their strategies, enhancing value creation across all dimensions of their marketing activities.