Presentation Writing and Delivery to Convey, Compel and Convince

Presentations are an essential feature of business today. Whether at your company or to clients or other stakeholders you will need to present your ideas in a way to move them - and the business - forward. In this course you will learn a structured approach to writing and delivering winning presentations that allows you to Convey, Compel and Convince your audience of your ideas. This approach will help you focus on what you want to communicate so the audience is engaged all the way until they are convinced of what you’re telling them.

Who Is This Course For?

Anyone that needs to learn or refine their approach to developing and delivering presentations to convince their audience of what they are telling them.

 Learning Objectives

  1. How to structure an effective presentation using the 3 C’s structure – Convey, Compel and Convince
  2. Develop a point of view with “must knows” to keep your audience focused
  3. Use visual aids, storytelling and other techniques to bring your ideas to life
  4. Use vocal delivery and body language techniques to sell your ideas more effectively
  5. How to handle questions to better convince your audience of your beliefs

Estimated Length of Completion: Approximately 2 hours


Jonathan Holburt is an ANA Faculty member who has worked as an agency business director with a number of Fortune 500 companies while employed at leading multinational ad agencies in Asia-Pacific. He has advisory roles at two start-ups in the U.S.: medical device company Neurotech International and web-filtering company Rawstream. He has published in the Wall Street Journal, Asian Wall Street Journal, Advertising Age and various international publications and has been interviewed on CNN, BBC, and other major news outlets. Advertising Age described him as an “Asian branding expert.”

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