Strategic Customer-Centric Marketing

Marketers today are pulled into product-centric thinking by the nature of their roles and by the many dynamics in the marketplace. This makes it difficult to get and stay focused on the customer, ultimately leading to wasteful marketing investments. This course will teach effective approaches to customer-centric marketing strategy that enables your brand to set itself up for success. 

You will master a best practice strategic marketing framework that helps you to deliver powerful customer-centric marketing. This “WHO WHAT HOW” framework works for any marketing initiative giving you a disciplined process you may use over and over again. Further, this course provides a best in class approach to briefs to ensure customer-centric marketing from beginning to end.

Who Is This Course For?

Middle and senior level brand marketers, researchers or customer insight leaders – who are looking to become more customer-centered, and make strategic choices about target audiences.

 Learning Objectives

  1. Learn and apply a discipline framework that will improve all your marking campaigns
  2. Know what is and what isn’t an insight 
  3. Understand how to come to know your target audience more deeply
  4. Learn how to generate powerful insights that drive effective creative
  5. Understand how to effectively build or strengthen briefs so they are customer-centric and strategically focused
  6. Learn how to drive messaging communications that is on strategy and aligned with your customer needs
  7. Understand and master how to choose the right channels for your customer as they go from consideration, to purchase, and on to advocacy

Estimated Length of Completion: Approximately 2 hours


Nancie Ruder, ANA Faculty and founder of Noetic Consulting, a marketing consultancy offering brand strategy, research, training and facilitation services to senior leaders and their teams. Noetic provides fresh perspectives and intelligent thinking to help achieve goals.

Registration Pricing

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