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ESG Communication for Marketers (Virtual)

Building Your Sustainability Communication Framework
(Virtual Half Day Workshop)

Virtual Workshop Description
Brands are increasingly turning to their marketing teams to communicate their sustainability story effectively. 96% of today’s consumers say supporting brands who take action on ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) is important, and 78% of employees say they want to work for purpose-led organizations that take action on ESG (Barkley Purpose Up Research, 2022). Meanwhile, ESG criteria are becoming increasingly crucial for investment decisions, with a 55% growth in assets under management in ESG-integrated products in 2021. Marketers that are unable to communicate their brand sustainability story effectively risk losing engagement and loyalty from one or all of these key audiences.
In this interactive workshop, you will explore the foundations of ESG reporting and learn about the growing importance of sustainability communication. You will learn about the types of reporting, the concept of materiality, and how the changing landscape of ESG is making this an area of untapped potential for consumer connection and stakeholder engagement. When ESG is now seen as part of your brand, as a brand leader, marketers need to play a critical role in shaping it.
The skills and frameworks taught in this workshop will support you in co-developing an ESG strategy in line with your brand strategy and key audiences and will equip you to partner with other business functions and lead the communication amplification of your business’s key ESG messages. You will learn to approach any ESG communication strategy with the end goal in mind - stronger brand impact and better (true) brand stories.

Target Audience
This workshop is ideal for anyone involved in the process of ESG reporting or tasked with communicating a brand’s sustainability story, including

  • Brand Leaders
  • Marketing Executives
  • Creative Directors
  • Communication Professionals
  • Content Creators

Virtual Workshop Benefits
After attending this virtual workshop, participants will be better equipped to:

Increase marketing efficiency by:

  • Connecting ESG communications to your brand strategy

Increase marketing effectiveness by:

  • Understanding the role audience/stakeholder engagement plays in ESG strategy
  • Developing compelling ESG stories support stronger marketing communications

Increase marketing ROI by:

  • Winning customers and improving audience loyalty through compelling ESG stories

Improve employee alignment and collaboration by:

  • Partnering with other business functions to co-develop and communicate an ESG strategy in a way that supports and furthers brand positioning and strength


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  • Emily Sullivan

    Emily Sullivan is a Sustainability Strategist within Barkley’s Purpose and Sustainability practice,  supporting Barkley’s B Corp certification and “Add Good” impact strategy. She carries a unique combination of managing cross-functional projects with professional expertise in product development, digital marketing, and corporate social responsibility across businesses, corporate foundations, and nonprofit organizations.

  • Lindsey DeWitte

    Lindsey is an integrated marketer dedicated to helping brands define, live and share their brand purpose. She leads a sought after public relations practice focused on the development of reputation-building business and communications strategies.