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Empowerment AI: Marketing Bootcamp (Two Day Open Enrollment)

Harnessing AI to Design, Build, and Measure Powerful Marketing Campaigns
(A Two-Day Immersive, In-person, Hands-on Workshop)

In today’s fast-paced marketing landscape, marketers are constantly expected to achieve more with less—deliver higher ROI, manage around-the-clock campaigns, and continuously innovate—all within constrained budgets and resources. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands as a revolutionary solution to these challenges, offering marketers tools to significantly elevate themselves and their campaign performances.

Harnessing AI’s potential, marketers can now execute their tasks with greater efficiency, intelligence, and speed. What used to require a team of marketer’s weeks or even months to accomplish, can now be expedited by AI, slashing the time to market by at times, over 50%. The pivotal question emerging among marketing professionals is: How can I master Gen AI to ensure I remain a competitive player in this dynamic, ever-changing marketing industry?

In response, the ANA introduces Empowerment AI: Marketing Bootcamp—a unique, deeply engaging, and highly interactive bootcamp aimed at equipping you with hands-on training to drive your marketing work utilizing AI, becoming a more efficient marketer, and driving targeted results for your brand. The singular objective of this bootcamp is to ensure every attendee emerges with a robust understanding and confidence in using Generative AI to enhance their marketing performance, setting themselves apart in the competitive field of marketing.

Empowerment AI: Marketing Bootcamp can be the catalyst you are looking for to propel your marketing forward. This extensive workshop will unveil how to wield the power of Gen AI, transforming it into your personal strategic advantage. Regardless of your expertise level—from novices to seasoned marketers—attendees will leave this bootcamp with the essential knowledge and confidence to seamlessly integrate AI into their marketing work, ensuring a competitive edge in the industry for years to come.

You will learn:

  • How Generative AI is changing the face of marketing
  • A step-by-step guide to implementing Gen AI in every stage of your marketing processes and workflows
  • Best practices for developing the most effective AI prompts
  • What AI tools are available to marketers today (with hands-on practice in using the tools to support your marketing activities)
  • A plethora of tested AI marketing prompts which you will be able to take with you in your own prompt library
  • How to measure and analyze campaign performance using AI
  • How to train your AI to continually deliver better and better value to you over time
  • and so much more!

The Benefits of a Marketing Bootcamp
We strongly believe that active engagement fosters better, and quicker, learning compared to passive instruction. Therefore, this bootcamp features numerous interactive working sessions, enabling attendees to interact with a diverse range of AI tools as well as other attendees. Participants will learn—securely and safely—how to use Gen AI and to constantly train your AI to deliver valuable marketing work better, smarter, and faster.

The bootcamp concludes with a series of collaborative challenges where attendees team up to build AI-driven marketing campaigns from the ground up and compete to see who can create the strongest AI-driven campaign.

Who Is This Bootcamp for?
Empowerment AI: Marketing Bootcamp is a tailor-made opportunity for:

  • Marketers and strategists directly involved in the intricate process of analyzing, researching, developing, and executing marketing campaigns across digital platforms.
  • Professionals who are keen on harnessing the revolutionary power of Artificial Intelligence to elevate their marketing strategies and execution.
  • Marketers striving to stay ahead in the ever-evolving technological landscape of the industry, looking to significantly enhance the efficiency, intelligence, and speed of your campaigns.
  • Marketers and strategists responsible for conceptualizing, strategizing, and integrating AI into their brainstorming and ideation processes.

Whether you are orchestrating online campaigns that demand constant innovation and adaptation or are crafting impactful strategies requiring deep market insights, this bootcamp is designed to empower you with the tools and knowledge to leverage Generative AI effectively. This workshop is the key for marketers and strategists who aspire to not just participate in the AI revolution but to lead and define its future course in the marketing domain.

Bootcamp Pre-Requisites
Because of the hands-on nature of this workshop, attendees must have certain permissions to use specific AI tools to ensure full participation in the working sessions.

Participants are required to ensure their laptop is equipped with the proper permissions to access the below prior to attending the Bootcamp:

  1. ChatGPT – https://chatgpt.com
  2. Copilot - https://copilot.microsoft.com
  3. Claude - https://claude.ai
  4. Ideogram - https://ideogram.ai
  5. Invideo - https://invideo.io

This preparation will ensure that you can dive right into the practical exercises and start applying what you learn in the Bootcamp.

Download the full agenda here


  • Cord Silverstein

    Cord Silverstein, a distinguished digital marketing strategist with over two decades of experience, has been at the forefront of integrating AI into marketing, revolutionizing how marketing teams compete in their industry. His dual expertise from client and agency perspectives has crafted his unique approach, making him a pivotal figure in driving success for numerous Fortune 500 brands, including Lenovo, BlackRock, Nationwide, EY, and Siemens.