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Modern MarTech: Harnessing Technology to Enhance the Customer Journey (Virtual Open Enrollment)

Marketing Technology Best Practices to Achieve Brand Objectives
(Half Day Virtual Open Enrollment)

Integrating platforms and systems across the MarTech stack allows marketers to look at customer data holistically, from the first touchpoint to the last. It helps us understand where we need improvement, lets us look factually at what is working, and allows us to optimize campaigns quickly and effectively.

However, with over 8000+ options to choose from across the marketing technology landscape, today’s modern marketing professionals are challenged to develop a keen grasp on how to ask smart questions about the technology and tools within their organizations.

It's no longer a question of whether technology plays a role in marketing, it's about what role the modern marketer needs to play in using the best solution to elevate the customer experience and drive marketing results. An essential key to doing this successfully is being able to understand the organization's technology - everything from content management tools to customer relationship management platforms to internal collaboration programs - and how it can provide a window into the customer experience throughout the buyer's journey.

This highly engaging and interactive workshop will help participants understand the essential components of a strategic marketing technology stack, provide frameworks that any member of the marketing organization can use to confidently engage in strategic conversations about MarTech, and help marketing executives and teams successfully navigate their new and evolving relationship with marketing technology.

Participants will leave with actionable frameworks they can immediately apply to real-world situations, including aligning MarTech investments with the company’s customer engagement and digital sales funnel strategy. The workshop provides practical examples and real-world case studies that showcase how marketing leaders can use marketing technology strategically to enhance the overall customer experience.

Who Is This Workshop For?

  • Marketers involved in brand management, digital marketing, marketing communications, product/service innovation 
  • Any marketing organization that is looking to ensure their tech stack aligns properly their current marketing and Customer Experience (CX) strategy 
  • Marketers charged with leading Marketing Strategy and where MarTech understanding plays a critical role
Workshop Benefits
  1. Learn what MarTech is and how it relates to AdTech
  2. Understand MarTech’s impact on the overall organization & customer experience
  3. Understand the critical role that sales funnel and MarTech alignment plays
  4. Learn how to assemble a strategic marketing technology stack aligned to the customer journey
  5. Learn how to establish measurement & ROI metrics, reporting and goal setting for MarTech
  6. Develop your skill in assessing, evaluating and selecting the ideal technology to support marketing goals

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  • Mary Czarnecki

    Mary Czarnecki works with brand leaders to apply a customer-centric approach to increase revenue and customer impact. Market-leading brands turn to her to upskill their teams and implement effective marketing strategies. She has worked with clients across numerous industries, including health care, beauty, technology, finance, insurance, and consumer products. She consults with Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups and entrepreneurs.