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Bridging Digital And Traditional Marketing

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Workshop Objectives

This two day workshop is designed for marketing professionals who want to deepen their understanding of digital marketing strategy and tactics. This course is not intended for digital marketing specialists; rather, it is for brand managers and product marketers who want to increase their digital knowledge and vocabulary, so that they can better integrate digital strategies and tools into overall marketing plans.

The workshop is divided into two days: the first day provides an overview of digital marketing tactics and how/when to deploy them, and the second day outlines the strategic umbrella within which digital tactics can integrate with non-digital marketing tactics. Participants may sign up for either or both days.

 Participants in this course should have at least 3-5 years of marketing experience, and already be familiar in strategic marketing concepts. Participants should have a general understanding of digital marketing channels, but do not need to have any digital marketing experience.

Course Benefits/Takeaways

Day One

This workshop will help the brand marketer:

  • Understand the digital tools available for building brand awareness, consideration, trial, purchase, and loyalty.
  • Define how to use paid, owned and earned media to support marketing objectives
  • Leverage the power of search engine marketing and social media channels
  • Articulate the role of branded content
  • Define how to evaluate digital campaigns

Day Two

This workshop will help the brand marketer:

  • Understand how digital technologies influence the ways customers make decisions
  • Determine digital channel priorities; how digital marketing channels compare to, and can integrate with, traditional marketing channels
  • Articulate digital objectives and develop robust briefs for digital execution partners by understanding the digital project process
  • Measure the effectiveness of digitally-enabled marketing campaigns

Workshop content is delivered in a modular format with group exercises designed to apply the concepts and deepen participant understanding. Course content includes case studies and best practices from both B2C and B2B companies.

Begins:Wednesday, June 12, 2013 at 8:30am
Ends:Thursday, June 13, 2013 at 5:00pm

Reed Smith LLP
599 Lexington Avenue
22nd Floor
New York, NY 10022

Instructor: Marjorie Dufek

Marjorie Dufek is Director, Digital Marketing for Brown-Forman Corporation, and President, Amiga Marketing LLC. Ms. Dufek has held a wide range of management positions with Brown-Forman since 1995; she has led the development of digital strategy as part of Brown-Forman’s Digital Marketing team since 2000, blazing the trail for digital innovation throughout the Brown-Forman portfolio of brands. She led the Jack Daniel’s digital team from 2008 to 2012, and now leads the development of enterprise-wide digital marketing strategies, focused on global web presence, digital advertising, and consumer relationship marketing through email and social channels. Prior to Brown-Forman, Ms. Dufek held management positions in Biotech, Direct Marketing and Heavy Manufacturing industries.

Ms. Dufek developed the strategies that created the largest and most engaged Facebook community in the spirits industry with Jack Daniel’s, and pioneered the use of Twitter in the Beverage-Alcohol category to launch Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey. She championed the adoption of responsive design for the rapid prototyping and launch of the global Jack Daniel’s web site. She founded Amiga Marketing LLC in 2013 to provide these powerful results to more brands.





Takeaway / Content Summary


Day 1:  Course Introduction


  • Establish the learning objectives of participants
  • Understand how each participant’s digital work gets done (internal / external)


Consumer Digital Behavior


  • Today’s consumer and their digital behavior: Desktop, Mobile, Social, Local
  • Consumer decision journey
  • ·Individual Exercise: sketch your personal digital touch points


Brand Marketing Objectives in the digital context


  • The Funnel and the Loop: Connecting the brand’s business objectives with the consumer journey


Brand Digital Strategies


  • Three digital campaigns case studies
  • Summary of best and worst  practices 
  • Group Exercise: Analysis of case studies using the Three Easy Pieces tool


The Digital Landscape: What’s in the Tool Box?


  • Making sense of the chaos: digital channels and platforms
  • The “Always On” brand
  • Paid, Leased, Owned, Earned media
  • Digital Trends: what can I expect in the next few years?


Owned Media & Content Strategy


  • Definition and role of owned media
  • Brand storytelling and content: development, management, and distribution
  • Owned distribution channels: web sites, email, blogs
  • Owned non-digital channels
  • Guided Individual Exercise: Create an inventory of your brand’s owned assets


Leased Media


  • Definition and role of leased media
  • Developing and managing consumer communities
  • Platform-specific discussions of good practices: Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter
  • Checklist Exercise: Evaluate your brand’s Social Maturity


Paid Media


  • Definition and role of paid media
  • The always addressable consumer
  • The interplay of creative ideas and media formats
  • Examples: Search, Display, Social, Mobile, Gaming, Apps, Sponsored content
  • Group Exercise: evaluate sample campaigns; did the brand meet their objective?


DAY2: Earned Media


  • Definition and role of earned media
  • Sharing, ratings, reviews, blogs: understanding and moderating the conversation
  • Nurturing brand ambassadors
  • Guided Individual Exercise: Use digital tools to look at what folks are saying about your brand today.


Evaluation and Measurement


  • What can be measured in Owned, Leased, Paid, and Earned
  • Campaign Optimization
  • What should be measured: developing relevant KPIs for your brand
  • Exercise: Connecting brand & business results with digital metrics


Building the Consumer Relationship


  • Moving from a campaign approach to an “always on” consumer relationship
  • Connecting with the “always addressable” consumer
  • Case Study: CRM, CXM examples and evaluation


Executing digital plans for maximum success


  • Optimizing the agency relationship
  • Briefing for digital work
  • Managing digital projects: understanding the workflow
  • Working with multiple agencies
  • Checklist: defining digital deliverables in your brief


Putting it all together: developing the integrated marketing plan


  • How Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing intersect
  • Individual Exercise: identify  current and potential intersection points for your brand
  • Integrating digital: applying the Three Easy Pieces tool to your marketing plan
  • Closing Exercise & Discussion: what will I do in the next two weeks based on what I have learned?

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