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Future-Proof Your Data Privacy Strategy - Virtual

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Seats are limited and confirmation of attendance will be required in advance of the session.

Once a goldmine for personalization and successful marketing strategies, a brand's customer data strategy can now threaten the health of brands that don't get it right. Data privacy legislation like GDPR and CCPA, along with market forces like the upcoming demise of the 3rd party cookie and Apple's aggressive privacy measures, have made it imperative for marketers to ensure the data privacy of their consumers. At the same time, consumers expect more from their brand relationships, and finding the right mix of personalization and privacy has proved elusive for some brands. According to Salesforce's "State of Marketing" report, 84% of consumers say a brand's "experience" is as important as its products and services. That makes it more important than ever to strike the right balance between privacy and personalization.

This workshop will create a solid foundation for understanding the different categories of customer data and the regulatory and market forces issues surrounding the collection and usage of this data. You'll better understand the tension that exists between privacy and personalization through both the consumer and marketer lens and discuss how brands are attempting to balance these two seemingly opposing forces. You'll also learn more effective data collection strategies by "owning" the consumer relationship. Finally, you'll have the tools to understand and implement a consumer data strategy that maximizes marketing effectiveness while respecting consumer privacy.

Who is this workshop for?
This workshop is designed for any marketer that relies on customer data to power their decision-making or to implement marketing programs and activities. This would include anyone in a media-related role, market research, CRM or loyalty. It’s also a great primer for those in brand management (all levels) to better understand the issues around data privacy and regulation.

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  • Setting the Stage (20min)
  • The Data Ecosystem (20min)
  • Personalization and Privacy (25min)
  • Break (10min)
  • Data Privacy (45min)
  • Delivering A Better Consumer Experience (20min)
  • The AdTech/MarTech Landscape (30min)
  • Closing (10min)



Steve Moynihan

President, Moynihan Sales & Marketing Solutions

Steve is the President of Moynihan Sales & Marketing Solutions, a consulting practice specializing in helping early-stage advertising and marketing technology companies with sales strategy, go-to-market planning, and frontline sales. His area of focus is on the data space, working with several solution providers that address different aspects of consumer data collection and activation.

Steve’s diverse background in sales, marketing strategy, consulting, and ad agency experience has given him a unique 360-degree view of the advertising and marketing eco-system. He’s had direct involvement with many areas, including media planning/buying, mobile, content marketing, data, and e-commerce.

Steve earned his B.S. in advertising from Southern Methodist University and currently resides near Tampa, FL.