Integrated Marketing Communications Seminar

This event is over.

Course Instructor: Richard Costello, founder of MagicEcho.  Prior to founding MagicEcho, Richard worked for 22 years as the "brand guru" for GE. He led the development and implementation of the long running "We Bring Good Things to Life" advertisting campaign.  During his career Richard provided marketing guidance to every GE business including light bulbs, jet engines, plastics, appliances financial services and medical systems.

Day One - 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Registration and Continental Breakfast - 8: 00am - 8:30am

  • What is integration?
    Why is integration growing in importance?
    The Four Strategic Habits of Integrated Marketing Communication
    Overview of the closed loop process you will learn
    Strategic Step 1: Targeting
    Tool 1: Integrated Target Matrix
    Introduction to the case study you will work on for the rest of the day
    Creating an Integrated Target Matrix for the case study
    Strategic Step 2: Positioning
    Tool 2: Hierarchy of Needs pyramid
    Tool 3: Point of Parity/Points of Difference analysis
    Tool 4: The Integrated Brand Bulls Eye
    Strategic Step 3: Mixing
    Tool 5: Communication Vehicles and Purchase Process Alignment
    Review of recent integrated campaigns to identify best practices and common mistakes

Day Two - 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Registration and Continental Breakfast - 8: 00am - 8:30 am

  • Strategic Step 4: Measurement
    Moving from efficiency and effectiveness measures to financial performance measures
    Tool 6: Integrated ROI measurement
    Some pragmatic suggestions
    Why is integrated marketing communications difficult to implement successfully?
    Brand vs product tensions
    Multiple audiences
    Proliferation of marketing suppliers
    Functional silos
    Integrated Implementation Rooadmap
    Four characteristics of a successful integrated marketing company
    Characteristic 1: The Brand Champion
    Characteristic 2: Technology that supports the integration process
    Characteristic 3: Purpose Driven Teams
    Characteristic 4: Skilled Team Leaders
    Two skills you need
    Skill Tool 1: Stakeholder analysis
    Skill Tool 2: Facilitation of Cross Functional Teams
    8 Facilitation tools you can use