Harnessing the Power of Programmatic

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Are you among the marketers not fully leveraging the benefits of the growing area of programmatic?  During this highly interactive workshop you will overcome hurdles as we demystify how programmatic works and help you develop a roadmap that will allow you to make programmatic work for your organization.


Marketers will gain a greater understanding of the components of the programmatic ecosystem, including trading desks, DSPs (demand side platforms), SSPs (supply side platforms), DMPs (data management platforms) and exchanges. You will learn the different types of programmatic buying (guaranteed buys, private marketplaces and RTB) and forms of data and improve your ability to help protect against concerns such as transparency, fraud and viewability.


Who Is This Workshop For?

  • Anyone in a marketing organization who does not have advanced knowledge of programmatic operations, advantages, disadvantages, best practices and related issues such as fraud and visibility
  • Middle to senior marketers in marketing and media, digital strategy, procurement/finance and legal, and research/analytics

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  • Setting the Stage (10 min)
  • Understanding Programmatic Definitions and Marketplaces (20 min)
  • Determining Programmatic Marketing Objectives and Strategies (80 min)
  • Break (10 min)
  • Determining Programmatic Marketing Objectives and Strategies (cont’d)
  • Identifying and Managing Concerns with Programmatic Buys (70 min)
  • Closing (10 min)



Erin Yasgar

Erin Yasgar’s reputation for innovation and breadth of knowledge inform her work as Prohaska Consulting’s Global Buyer Strategy Team Lead. In this role, she helps buy-side clients – brands and agencies – navigate the complexities of the programmatic buying landscape.

Erin’s expertise includes evaluating tech stack vendors, maximizing first party data usage, organizational design, digital analytics and executing digital media buys. Her work has spanned across several disciplines, such as content marketing, mobile marketing, social marketing and e-commerce.

Erin consistently brings new thinking to her work. For Live Nation she implemented programmatic advertising and consumer data management systems to leverage consumer data across search, social, display, mobile and video advertising. She guided the Los Angeles Philharmonic /Hollywood Bowl Marketing team through a digital transformation around their marketing strategy, digital analytics, staffing, and marketing operations. She developed social analytics dashboard solutions for Lexus, Nike, The Grammys and Universal Music.

An East Coast native, Erin now happily resides in Southern California.