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INTRODUCTIONS (9:45 – 10:00AM)

I. The Seven Key Emerging B2B Marketing Trends for 2018 (10:00-10:45am)

B2B Marketing is changing faster than most marketers appreciate and act. This session looks at 7 emerging trends in B2B marketing and challenges the audience to question conventional marketing wisdom and re-think how they build brand and generate revenue. After this session you’ll leave with the following insights:
• An appreciation for the true value of thought leadership
• An admiration for the Disney model of “total merchandising” and how to apply it to your marketing
• An approach to scaling your brand through your most valuable touchpoint: your employees

Jann Martin Schwarz
Global Director, Agency & Channel Development

II. Orchestrating a Brand Transformation (10:45-11:30am)

Hue Du, Director of Marketing at Equipment Depot, provides insights into how she led a holistic marketing overhaul to America’s largest independent material handling and rental company. From elements of brand transformation to go-to-market strategies, Hue shares her experiences and approaches to digital and content marketing, sales support and demand generation.

Having worked at Ford and Hyundai, where marketing resources were readily available – significantly larger internal marketing teams, advertising agency with global offices, $500M+ budgets – the rebranding efforts at an industrial equipment sales and rental company was an extraordinary undertaking. Despite all the hurdles, Hue was successful in transforming a lackluster, unassuming brand into a more sophisticated, sexy brand that now stands out in the marketplace and engineered to attract more business. This rebranding enables Equipment Depot to stand apart from, not only, its key competitors but the entire industry.

Equipment Depot has received recognition locally and nationally – an ANA 2017 B2 Award for rebranding and four AMA 2017 Crystals Awards. Most importantly, the brand transformation, along with other key marketing initiatives has helped Equipment Depot grow revenues in the short-term, and is now set up to continue on its growth trajectory long-term as well. Join us to learn how you can apply these same principles to growing your business and brand.

Hue Du
VP of Marketing and Communications
Equipment Depot


III. Take Action:  How to Ignite the B2B Customer Experience Right Now (11:30-12:15pm)

It is simply not enough to effectively deliver a product or a service anymore. B2B brands must absolutely own the entire customer experience. Too often there are moments where your customers become disconnected and can eventually disappear completely.

gyro's Christina Olivera Heise will share actionable insights for developing a magnetic and truly differentiated experience throughout the entire customer life cycle. She will identify key moments where the experience could be suboptimal and share solutions to preempt potential pitfalls. She will also explore the vast CX landscape from digital solutions like bots, to communication protocols, to change management and operational improvements.
Cristina Olivera Heise
VP of Buyer Experience Planning


LUNCH (12:15-1:00pm)

IV. Man, Machine, and Creativity:  IBM Watson (1:00 – 1:45pm)
Creativity has always been uniquely human. But today, creative thinkers are exponentially enhancing how they create and innovate with the help of cognitive systems like IBM Watson. In this session, Cecilia Correa of IBM and Liam Parker of Ogilvy will share how creative professionals are tapping into the massive data of social conversations, images, videos, sounds, colors, flavors and more to extend their own talent and explore areas that were not possible without cognitive systems.

Maria Cecilia Correa
Director, IBM Advertising

Liam Parker
Senior Partner, WW Managing Director

V. ANA B2 Awards for B-to-B Marketing Excellence (1:45 – 2:30pm)

Discuss the ANA's business-to-business awards program, the B2 Awards, and how B-to-B Committee members can become more involved as entrants and judges, recognizing true excellence in B-to-B marketing that drives business results and growth.

Michael Palmer
ANA Business Marketing

Arthur Tharpe
Sr. Director
ANA Business Marketing