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Experiential Marketing Committee Meeting



I. A Party & A Panda in the Desert (9:45AM - 10:30AM)
How would you create a Millennial experience with another brand?  How do you show up with credibility?  How would you make it engaging for your target consumer to ultimately elevate both brands equally?  The Friendly Union between Coors Banquet and Brixton Apparel created a unique and modern marketing example that did just that.  

David Lee, Head of Retail Licensing & Partnerships, Miller Coors

II. Creating a Culturally Influenced 360 Program: Essence & Toyota Partnership (10:45AM - 11:30AM)
Essence will present the process of creating and executing a full 360 program from the client pitch to the live experiential event. For ESSENCE and Toyota, the strategy was to develop with Afro-futurism as the premise to target this savvy African-American consumer. The objective was to engage their senses based on the 2018 Toyota Camry buzz words given to us for the consumer to experience what it’s like to drive the new Camry. We created a visually aesthetic social world to tell the Camry story. Hence, the Sensory Wonderland, was born!

Jovanca Maitland,
Director, Live Events and Experiential, ESSENCE
Rondel Holder,
Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing, ESSENCE


In this session we will discuss the latest methods of taking your brand directly to consumers and allowing them to experience products in a unique and unexpected way. ANA Experiential Committee members will also have an opportunity to network and discuss key issues such as Technology, Measurement and Social Engagement.

Richard Feldman, Director of Brand Activation, ANA