Relationship Marketing

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I. Session 1: Building a Community-Driven Superbrand (10:00AM – 10:45AM ET) 

What happens when a community engagement campaign turns provocative and actually creates backlash?  'In Doers We Trust' was a campaign launched by Fiverr, an online marketplace and platform for freelancers offering services worldwide.  The campaign took an ideological and instigating point of view, advocating for non-stop entrepreneurial hustling. In this session featuring a non-traditional angle on CRM via ideology-driven advertising, you’ll learn how dissent can actually build a stronger community and greater loyalty, how Fiverr navigated the challenges that arose along the way, and the lessons learned for brands looking to take a provocative stance.

Doug Cameron, Founder/CSO/CCO, DCX Growth Accelerator
Abby Forman, Senior PR Manger, Fiverr

II. Session 2: Cultivating Employees as Passionate Brand Advocates (10:45AM - 11:30AM ET)
InMotion Entertainment Group is the largest electronics retail group in U.S. airports. InMotion hires retail associates to serve as brand ambassadors, both passionate and knowledgeable about the products. With that as a foundation, InMotion educates them on the products and gives them first-hand product experiences to strengthen their recommendations to and relationships with customers. InMotion also creates an impactful and unique platform for their top consumer goods brands to engage with the associates (sales influencers). Eden will be presenting on the philosophy and ROI of this approach and how it impacts InMotion’s bottom line and brand reputation.

Eden GoldbergVP of Marketing, InMotion Entertainment Group


III. Session 3: Loyalty, BuzzFeed and The Brand of ME (12:30PM - 1:15PM ET)
As the consumer journey changes and consumers are all about the power of me, loyalty begins to take on a new meaning and role. We are now seeing loyalty approached in new ways as brands are being forced by new technology to go wherever the consumer is and whenever they are needed.  This power shift comes at a time when people are inundated with more choice and more information, while what they seek is value and purpose. Layer on brand curators like Amazon acting as filters or guarantors of brands and what we have is a new definition of loyalty requiring brands to succumb to stay relevant. BuzzFeed  and global media agency Wavemaker are ‘Flipping the Switch’ on the loyalty paradigm with a new approach that explores the power of consumers, the role of empathy in feeding the ME movement, and the opportunity for brands to remain relevant today.

David Gaines, Chief Strategy Officer, Wavemaker Global/WPP
Ashmeed Ali, Sr. Director, Market & Brand Research, BuzzFeed