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I. Session 1: From Kickstarter to Consumer Product Model (10:00AM – 10:50AM)
Gravity Products created the Gravity Blanket  a DTC product  to generate revenue for, a future-looking news operation, and in doing so discovered an entire consumer category within the people reading its content. Digital media has not only extended Gravity's reach into one of the most popular consumer products of 2018, it gave birth to the brand and product as we know it. With the Gravity Blanket and other Gravity products, the brand has developed a method of product development built to understand how consumers expectations are evolving – and one that is also extremely cost effective – and can applied to any Shopper/Retail/Commerce organization. With a lean, validation-focused team investigating and developing new products, they've turned Gravity Products into a health and wellness focused DTC business that’s just beginning to uncover products of the future – and simultaneously building brand past the acquisition stage.

Mike Grillo,
President & Co-Founder, Gravity Products

COFFEE BREAK (10:50AM – 11:00AM)

II. Session 2: Maximizing your Brand Showcase on Amazon (11:00AM – 11:50AM)
Matt will discuss LG’s learnings and best practices on building a compelling brand showcase on Amazon that highlights the full brand portfolio. Additionally, he will dive deeper into how LG drives traffic once that build is complete in order to ensure a year-over-year increase in traffic- and ultimately – sales!

Matthew Minasian, HE 
Channel Marketing Manager, Amazon/Clubs, LG Electronics

III. Session 3: The Good, Bad and the Ugly: State of Retail in 2019 (11:50AM – 12:40PM)
Retail is sink or swim and the industry has drastically transformed in the past eighteen months. Brands can no longer play it safe. In fact, playing it safe is a death sentence — even legacy retailers aren’t exempt from the changing of the retail guards. Companies need the ability to rapidly respond to shifts in consumer sentiment, and to refine internal business operations to reflect each customer’s evolving path to purchase. In this presentation WD Partners will share the latest proprietary data from their annual study coupled with the trends, successes & failures shaping the future of retail.

John Bajorek,
EVP Strategic Growth & Innovation, WD Partners

Paul Robinson will discuss thought leadership opportunities for 2019 within the committee structure. In this short presentation, followed by a roundtable discuss among attendees, Paul will review our 2016 Shopper Marketing survey, the plans to field a revised survey in 2019, and other opportunities for the group.

Speaker: Paul P. Robinson, Director, Commerce & Content Marketing, ANA

IV. Session 4: Online to Offline: Measuring the Impact of Social Content on Sales (1:10PM - 2:00PM)
We can all agree that measuring the offline sales impact of social media campaigns has been an industry-wide challenge. Last fall, Fullscreen took on this challenge through a first-of-its-kind study in an effort to uncover the value of social media marketing on CPG sales. Partnering with Social analytics leader Shareablee, and IRI, a leading source of CPG sales data, Fullscreen conducted a sales lift analysis across three 2018 CPG social media campaigns. By tracking the offline purchases of consumers who viewed influencer posts, we uncovered that exposed consumers bought the advertised CPG products at a higher rate than control audiences; and those engaging with the posts (like, comment, share, etc.) demonstrated even greater lift. Join us to hear about how this innovative approach to valuing social media can help marketers evaluate and optimize their marketing mix and drive cash register sales.

Jenny Wiener, 
VP, Strategic Brand Partnerships, Fullscreen
Sara Grimaldi,
Sr. Director, Measurement and Insights, Fullscreen