Brand Activation Legal Committee: January 2021

This event is over.

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For January’s meeting, attorneys from Barnes & Thornburg will provide updates on recent false advertising cases, NAD matters, and FTC activity.  Philip Jones, Mark Stignani, Genevieve Charlton, and Josh Frick will present.

Genevieve Charlton, Partner, as an Intellectual property attorney, Charlton focuses her practice on domestic and international trademark, trade dress, advertising, marketing and copyright law, as well as other challenges associated with developing brands. An advocate at heart, Genevieve also litigates IP and advertising matters in federal district courts and in proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Josh Frick, of Counsel, provides forward-thinking strategies that address the new opportunities and threats posed by social media and the related challenges of an increasingly connected global marketplace. His litigation experience spans virtually all phases of trademark, false advertising and copyright cases in federal court. Additionally, Joshua has also handled several complex trademark disputes before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Philip Jones, Partner, litigator and counselor, Jones helps protect trademark and copyright assets and provides strategic legal advice regarding trademark strategies and advertising initiatives. An experienced advocate and chair of the firm’s Advertising and Marketing team, Philip dedicates his practice to cultivating meaningful relationships with clients, vigorously defending and leveraging their trademark and copyright interests, and safeguarding their brands and promotions.

Mark Stignani, Partner and Chair of the Data Analytics practice group, applies his technical and research savvy, and penchant for innovation to create a broad spectrum of analytics and strategic review of clients’ corporate transactions, reorganizations. His background and knowledge of AI and machine-learning tools, plus his decades of corporate, executive and legal experience, Mark offers actionable information for his clients with the challenges they are facing, but also to avoid similar problems down the road.