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Paul Robinson, Director of the Brand Management Committee, ANA


I. Winning in the World of Brand Inversion (11:30AM – 12:15PM)
The transactional way consumers are now encountering and experiencing brands disrupts the traditional model and sequence of brand building - which presumes a process moving through stages of awareness, consideration, trial, purchase and repeat. At the extreme, an increasing amount of consumers are starting a brand relationship at or near the end point of click and convenience. Building the bedrock of a brand advocate relationship, requires re-engineering the process. In essence, inverting branding to be something akin to transactional branding.

Now more than ever, marketers need to examine their entire marketing ecosystem to foster brand engagement and loyalty at any and every part of the process.

In this session, our experts will share
• Definition of brand inversion, why now and examples
• How this impacts your brand strategy, creative and media

Stanton Kawer, P
resident, Blue Chip
Daniel Cornell, VP of Communications, Blue Chip

II. Life at Your Pace (12:15PM – 1:00PM)
In the summer of 2020, data was clear. People weren't traveling. At the same time though, people were craving connection; spending time with close family; spending more time outdoors; and driving to new places for a change of scenery. Most travel brands and destinations were staying dark. Or at most, letting people know they would be there when “this all is over.” Williamsburg evolved its campaign strategy and maintained a steady market presence – and today, is reaping the reward and seeing leisure bookings pace ahead of 2019, which was a strong year overall for travel.

In this session, join Vicki Cimino, Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer of Williamsburg Tourism Council, and Steve Connelly, President and Copywriter at Connelly Partners. They will pull back the curtain on the “Life at Your Pace” campaign, evolving brand strategy amid the pandemic, the importance of maintaining ad spend during a downturn, and the results today.

Vicki Cimino, Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer, Williamsburg Tourism Council
Steve Connelly, President & Copywriter, Connelly Partners