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II. How American Express Has Maximized Internal Capacity Though Bots (11:20AM - 12:05 PM ET)
Behind the scenes at American Express is a sophisticated and highly synchronized clockwork of people, systems and databases that maximize the reach, relevance, and accuracy of marketing. As with any highly specialized machine, it takes an expert hand to operate; and sometimes there are breakages, issues, and questions. Researching and resolving every issue takes up valuable time and resources. Over the last 18 months, American Express has begun designing and strategically placing bots throughout that clockwork to let machines do the work of humans… where it makes sense. In this session, members of Amex’s Enterprise Marketing Products team will demonstrate how their bots have maximized ops capacity, minimized system downtime, and put more control into the hands of the marketers.

Hong Lee, Senior Manager - American Express
Irina Kopp, Senior Product Manager - American Express

II. Less Isn't Always More: Unleashing the Potential of Longer-Form Video (12:05PM - 12:50PM ET)
Viewing habits have changed but video is by no means dead. While a focus on efficiency has condensed video lengths from :30 to :15 to :06, there is still an important role for stories that take a bit longer to play out. But to really unleash the potential of long-form social video, marketers must let product RTBs take a backseat to insights that connect with what people really care about. Join P&G/Pampers and McKinney to learn what happens when you develop video with an eye toward true engagement vs. total impressions.

Yea Yun ChowSenior Director- Brand Building Communications - Procter & Gamble
Jenny NicholsonExecutive Director, Brand Experience - McKinney

IV. WRAP UP (12:50PM - 1:00PM)