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Legal Affairs

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Welcome and Introduction (2:00 - 2:05 pm)

I. Trials, Tribulations, and Trends in Public Nuisance Litigation (2:05 - 2:50 pm)
Reed Smith Commercial and Life Sciences Litigators Shannon McClure, Heather Ritch Rocks and Sarah Johansen will they discuss the explosive growth of lawsuits alleging public nuisance, an opaque common law principle aimed at protecting public rights that is leveraged to encompass a wide scope of conduct and alleged injury. We will discuss lawsuits brought against consumer product manufacturers and distributors; comparisons to other more traditional mass tort and consumer class action lawsuits; defense strategies; and what’s on the horizon.

Shannon McClure, Partner, Reed Smith LLP
Heather Ritch Rocks, Partner, Reed Smith LLP
Sarah Johansen, Associate, Reed Smith LLP

II. The Evolving Landscape of Environmental Claims (2:50 - 3:35 pm)
This session, with Jennifer Fried of Finnegan, will cover evolving regulation surrounding “green” (environmental) claims. It will cover the latest guidance from NAD, federal and state regulators, and the courts on topics including “carbon neutral” claims, “recyclable” claims, aspirational/future-looking claims, and many other green claims. 

Jennifer Fried,
Partner, Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garret & Dunner, LLP

III. TBD (3:35 - 4:05 pm)