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Start: Friday, May 14, 2021 at 11:00am

End: Friday, May 14, 2021 at 1:00pm


11:00am ET
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Welcome and Introductions (11:00-11:15AM ET)
Pamela Gross - ANA

I. 100 Years of Loyalty (11:15am-12:00pm ET)
Having just celebrated the monumental milestone of 100 years in business, it is no surprise that White Castle has always had an incredibly loyal customer base. They even coined themselves “Craver Nation” long before loyalty programs became a norm and consumer expectation. When you’ve got customers willing to travel hours by car or sometimes even plane and wait hours in line to satisfy their craving for your product and brand – what does that program look like? How do you make it about more than just the next transaction? White Castle will share how their loyalty program, Craver Nation, came to be, how they engage with their members, and the challenges they’ve overcome along the way.

Aaron Lahman
, Digital Marketing Manager - White Castle
Paige DeVriendt
, Loyalty Program Supervisor - White Castle

II. Innovation Through Creativity, Technology, and Data (12:00-12:45pm ET)
Avocados From Mexico (AFM), the No. 1 selling brand of avocados in the U.S. recognized for their forward-thinking, award-winning marketing strategies, recently unveiled Avocado Nation - a multi-area digital platform powered by Artificial Intelligence that allows AFM to leverage its consumers' content preferences to deliver highly personalized experiences. Inside Avocado Nation, avocado fans everywhere can access entertaining videos by AFM's premier content partners; get fitted with AFM's debut sportswear collection; and, for the first time ever, earn rewards for purchasing avocados through AFM's new loyalty program. In this session, hear how AFM is bringing together creativity, technology, and data to deliver personalized engagement for its consumers.

Ivonne Kinser, Head of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce - Avocados From Mexico

Closing Remarks (12:45-1:00pm ET)


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