Beyond Profit

Fostering more purposeful and authentic marketing.

Beyond Profit, a podcast of the ANA Center for Brand Purpose, tackles the myriad challenges marketers face in defining, activating, and advancing an authentic brand purpose. The podcast casts a light on the leading voices in the purpose movement, including CEOs, CMOs, nonprofit leaders, authors, and academics. From determining how a brand determines its role in society, to ensuring purpose is authentic, measurable, and connects with all stakeholders, to the benefits of being purposeful, the podcast discusses the issues, trends, and practices that can hinder or progress a brand’s purpose strategy.

As organizations look to become forces for good in today’s changing world, Beyond Profit provides the necessary perspective and insight leaders need to maximize their understanding of brand purpose and its significance to driving growth.


Hosted by Ken Beaulieu

Ken Beaulieu is the executive vice president of the ANA Center for Brand Purpose (CBP) and host of the Beyond Profit podcast.

An editorial and content marketing executive for more than 25 years, Ken directs all aspects of the CBP, including the development of playbooks and articles, events, and the ANA Brand Purpose: Growth for Good Committee. His purpose is to provide the know-how brands need to become more purposeful and drive meaningful change.

Outside the office, Ken makes handcrafted and naturally unique wampum jewelry fashioned from the Northern Quahog. A lifelong New Englander, he is an avid outdoorsman, with a particular fondness for skiing, hiking, and kayaking, and he serves as a property steward for a conservation organization in his local community.

Recent Episodes

How AI Can Cultivate Empathy

2 days ago

In this episode of the Beyond Profit podcast, Minter Dial joins host Ken Beaulieu to discuss why the world needs to invest in and cultivate empathy and the role artificial empathy can play in overcoming the threats in business and in society at large.

Creating Value by Doing Good

1 week ago

In this episode of the Beyond Profit podcast, Phil White, cofounder at Grounded World, joins host Ken Beaulieu to discuss purpose, sustainability marketing, and driving social impact.

Winning the War for Talent with Purpose

1 month ago

The competitive race for talent has reached a seminal point in the U.S. In this episode of Beyond Profit host Ken Beaulieu discusses the critical talent issues at hand with Ashley Miles, founder and CEO of Franklyn West, and Marisa Thalberg, one of only 19 people to be inducted into the Forbes CMO Hall of Fame.

Inspiring Women to Say “No”

1 month ago

In 2022, to dismantle the barriers that often stand in the way of women and get them to say “no” more often in life, the PepsiCo brand Pure Leaf Ice Tea launched the “No” Grants program. Julie Raheja-Perera joins Beyond Profit host Ken Beaulieu to discuss the critical aspects of “No” Grants program.