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Effective Communication and Presentation Skills (Virtual)

(Virtual Half Day Workshop)

Workshop Description
Becoming an effective communicator and creating engaging presentations is an essential business skill. According to famed playwright George Bernard Shaw, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” This half-day workshop focuses on how to improve communication fundamentals, with an emphasis on presentation skills.

The workshop has four main components. First, workshop participants will understand their role as a communicator. Second, they’ll learn how to organize content and clarify their message for retention. Third, participants will learn about the importance of visuals. They’ll learn how to leverage the picture superiority effect and put the power back into PowerPoint. Lastly, attendees will learn core presentational skills such as pausing, gesturing, pitch, and movement.

Participants will learn from hands-on exercises and will leave with actionable strategies and techniques to improve their confidence and clarity when communicating.

This virtual workshop is excerpted from the companion full day workshop, where attendees learn these principles and more related to effective storytelling, presenting in the virtual environment, and the S.I.L.V.E.R. presentation planning framework.

Who Is This Workshop For?
This workshop is geared for participants who want a step-by-step approach to improve communication and develop the skills to deliver high impact presentations.

Workshop Benefits
As a result of this core workshop learning and experience, participants will:

Organize content by:

  • Understanding the value chain of public speaking and their role as a presenter.
  • Learn how to structure a presentation for maximum retention.

Use PowerPoint by:

  • Learning how to effectively use visuals and text when designing a slide deck.

Improve presentation skills:

  • Improve core presentation skills to engage the audience.
  1. Tools: Get equipped with frameworks on the three different types of presentations.
  2. Skills: Learn how to present and leverage visuals when using PowerPoint.
  3. Insights: Understand key principles on how to best organize content for engagement.

 Download the full agenda here


  • Stan Phelps

    Stan Phelps, CSP® is the founder of StanPhelpsSpeaks.com, a consultancy that works with organizations to win the hearts of their customers and employees. He is also a TEDx Speaker, the author of 18 books, and a former Forbes contributor. His work today is focused on the value of customer experience as a competitive differentiator and the importance of employee engagement in building a strong corporate culture.