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Multicultural Marketing - Making the Budget Work Effectively (Virtual)

How to Maximize Resources for Effective Multicultural Marketing
(Virtual Half Day Workshop)

Brands with budget constraints can sometimes feel lost when it comes to effective multicultural marketing, missing out on key connection opportunities with their audiences.

Multicultural marketing is not a one-size fits all approach. Age, Race, Background and interest all play a role in communicating with your target audience. For many brands, a multicultural marketing budget is integral to a brand’s overall marketing budget. Yet for others, multicultural budgets are just a fraction of general market budgets or non-existent.

Multicultural marketing in the face of budget constraints is still possible. Through exercises, case studies, and market research, this workshop will show you how to maximize resources and reach the right audience, on the right medium(s), within budget. We will explore what multicultural marketing is and how research, defined objectives, and target audience detail can be better employed for effective multicultural marketing. Research is the marketer’s friend, and by doing it, you can narrow your audience and in turn focus your budget and spend wisely. We will also look at common multicultural marketing misconceptions, where PR fits in the mix, and assess different media platforms for target audience effectiveness.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Small to mid-sized brands looking to maximize their multicultural efforts within limited budgets.
  • Marketing professionals within ad agencies or in corporations that want to learn more about multicultural marketing and how to incorporate it into the overall marketing plan.
  • Professionals within the general market that are managing marketing budgets for brands of all sizes.
  • Company owners that need to reach a specific viable audience with their message about their product/service and feel that they are not doing so currently.

Virtual Workshop Benefits
The benefits of attending this workshop fall under the following key drivers of growth:

This workshop helps attendees improve marketing effectiveness by teaching them:

  • The important role research plays in maximizing your marketing budget
  • How to develop a specific goal/objective to narrow down the audience and thus maximize marketing spend.
  • Which marketing touchpoints work for specific demographic audiences.

This workshop helps attendees increase marketing efficiency by teaching them:

  • How to market based on a limited budget (for some marketers, this may mean working with a budget that is smaller than what they may use in the general market).
  • How to identify the right media mediums and marketing tools to use for their target audience.
  • How to work with one media partner that can provide brand visibility through multiple communication touchpoints.

This workshop helps attendees by teaching them:

  • Which marketing touchpoints work for specific demographic audiences.

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  • Nicole Sebree-Henry

    A marketing professional with 20 years of experience, Nicole Sebree-Henry has managed advertising campaigns and leveraged visibility for Fortune 500 brands including Ford Motor Company, FedEx, and Caesars Entertainment.