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Profitable Product Creation Mastery Program

The ANA Marketing Training & Development Center’s Mastery Programs advance your marketing team’s capabilities in key disciplines by strategically addressing talent needs, sharpening existing skills, and putting new ideas to work immediately.

Our Mastery Programs are designed to be flexible and fit your schedule and budget. These programs can be delivered over two full days or as a series of independent half-day workshops.

Learn how to conduct a detailed profitability audit of your existing products, identify key revenue generators, and strategically expand your product line to drive profit and unlock new revenue streams. Through focused exercises, develop skills for creating high-quality, profitable products and service offers, enabling brands to quickly identify and develop new profitable products.

Profitable Product Creation & Optimization (Virtual)

  • Use the Product Profitability Audit to evaluate and enhance product lines.
  • Apply proven processes to decide on bringing new products to market efficiently.
  • Ensure product quality while optimizing for revenue and profit.

Profitable Product Audit: Unlocking New Revenue Potential with the Right Products (Virtual)

  • Conduct a comprehensive profitability audit of products.
  • Identify revenue sources and strategically expand product lines.
  • Apply best practices for product and service offer creation to improve business results.

Profitable Product Brief: Maximize Profitability, Drive Advocacy, and Align Marketing and Sales (Virtual)

  • Conduct an in-depth Product Profitability Audit to expand your product line profitably.
  • Develop high-quality, efficient product offers using the Product Brief.
  • Overcome objections and create product advocates.
  • Gain strategies to align marketing and sales around key product messaging for improved sales results.

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  • Mary Czarnecki

    Mary Czarnecki works with brand leaders to apply a customer-centric approach to increase revenue and customer impact. Market-leading brands turn to her to upskill their teams and implement effective marketing strategies. She has worked with clients across numerous industries, including health care, beauty, technology, finance, insurance, and consumer products. She consults with Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups and entrepreneurs.